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UK Apple Store offers worst prices in Western Europe

apple-logo has used its knowledge within the price comparison shopping industry to compare worldwide prices of the most popular Apple products . The results of the comparative analysis are quite interesting, particularly for British consumers.

Prices  from all 37 online Apple country stores for the Ipad 2, Macbook Air, ipod Touch, MacBook Pro and iMac were compared. Since the prices for some of the online country stores, such as the United States, do not include VAT, we compared the prices for each online country store both with and without VAT, based on each country’s tax rate .  
The cheapest online Apple store in the world is Malaysia. Its prices ranked the lowest when comparing prices both including and excluding VAT.

Apple stores in Brazil, Czech Republic and Thailand ranked as the three most expensive online Apple stores in the world. These online country stores ranked in the top three for most expensive prices both including and excluding VAT. The average prices excluding VAT for these three online country stores was 28 percent higher than the other online country stores.

More info and analysis charts below:


Excluding VAT, the UK Apple Store is the most expensive online Apple store in Western Europe. The average price is three percent higher than the remaining Western European online country stores. When including VAT, only the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Denmark and Sweden), which maintain the highest tax rates in the world, have online Apple stores with higher prices. The average UK Apple store price is four percent higher than the non-Scandinavian Western European Apple stores. This means for an Apple product such as an iMac, British customers are paying on average £40 more.


Rankings for all 37 Countries with Apple Store

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