By October 26, 2009

TuneMaker for iPhone released – now also YOU can make great music!

Are you an untalented idiot when it comes to music? No problem. There is an app for that: it is called TuneMaker and it has been just released. With this app you can create great music. Click here (MP3) to listen to our music composition, called “Chopin mash”, that we have created after 5 minutes of playing with this app. Clearly you can do better. Dont cha?

So how it works? Firstly you can pick one of many instruments:

Then you put dots with your finger:

Then you can save your composition for playback purposes:

You can specify some parameters of your music like how fast and how long the repetitive part is:

There is also a user manual within:

Description from the developer:

We’re happy to announce that Tunemaker, a music creation tool for the iPhone & iPod has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store.

Just by tapping on the screen, you create a drum rhythm; add some bass, strings, guitar or any of the included 16 instruments. TuneMaker is a streamlined digital audio workstation, synthesizer, drum computer and music sequencer, which can record and play back 16 tracks of sampled instruments.

It’s like having Garageband in your pocket. An easy to use music composition tool that let’s anyone create music, even if you’ve never made music before, because it uses only five notes (instead of the twelve notes of a full piano keyboard) and by using a special scale they always sound good. There are 40 demo rhythms and songs pre-installed to get you started quickly.

Introduction price is $0,99 (normal price $4,99)

Conclusion: we can’t lie, we like it. It would be nice to have ability to get recorded music out of this app, but we reckon that it is coming in next version…

Get it here (price: $0.99 now – introductory price, later: $4.99):

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