By September 2, 2008

The Cellpohne Junkie Podcast #118


Mickey and Joey get together to record the latest episode of the cell phone junkie podcast. In this episode they discuss photos of the new Android phone, a new date for the Blackberry Bold and Windows Mobile 6.1 hits multiple devices. Show notes after the break


Why the iPhone 3G has been dropping calls

T-Mobile has sold 120,000 iPhone 3G’s

Internal VZW doc on iPhone 3G

Swedish site says iPhone 3G reception is fine’s iPhone 3G survey results

AT&T adds 2 international plans for iPhone

iPhone 3G sales top original in 7 weeks

Cellular and Gustav

Telus pushing unlimited mobile data users out

Orange confesses to low caps on 3G

Motion powered charger

Nortel hands off LTE call at 100kmh

Quickly get a live rep

ETF class action hits T-Mobile

US SMS breaks record

Sprint WiMax launching next month

WiMax will have location based services

Qualcomm violates Broadcomm ruling

Using cell phones to pay

Android Market

Cricket adds $5 video download service

Smartphone sales will jump 52 percent this year

Mobile phones see slower growth

Europeans lower roaming charges

Rogers announcing new data plans in October


HTC s740

Nokia launches N70 and N85

Nokia announced NAM version of N96

Nokia 6650 coming to AT&T

2 new Samsungs for Verizon

New Motorola on T-Mobile

Blackberry Thunder is Blackberry Storm

Blackberry Bold pushed to October

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 coming out later this year

Rogers Blackberry Kickstart 8220 gets pricing

FCC approves HTC Touch Cruise with NAM 3G

Photos of HTC’s Dream revealed

Leaked Sprint Roadmap reveals Touch Pro and Diamond dates/pricing


AT&T Tilt WM 6.1 software upgrade

Verizon WM 6.1 software update for XV6800

Samsung Blackjack II gets WM 6.1

Motorola’s updated Q9 Global

Docs to Go Premium for Windows Mobile

iPhone security flaw

Microsoft Synctoy

Treo 800w update

See your free space on Windows Mobile

mOcean now for $10

AT&T offers premium pocket express free



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