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Amazon drone on about delivery times

2amzndron09870df1Recent reports suggest that Amazon’s work conditions can cause mental health issues. Stories of employees having to walk 11 miles a day with stressful deadlines and GPS tracking. It looks like Amazon are looking to rectify this by removing the human element from the equation.

A new service called Amazon Prime Air is slated for roll-out sometime in 2015, depending on FAA approval. Amazon have posted a video of how a new service will work onto YouTube. The video shows the process of a package being taken from the warehouse floor and delivery to the front steps of the customer’s home. Sounds exactly like that they do millions of times a day, however this time they have injected a somewhat dirty word, Drone. The idea is to have the drone deliver orders roughly 30 minutes after the customer hits the “buy” button on

Speaking recently to the producers of 60 Minutes, before the unveiling, Bezos said, “If you can guess what it is, then… I will give you half my fortune and send you to Vegas with it.”

Reacting to the unveiling of the Amazon-branded drone, Bezos interviewer Charlie Rose said, “I had no idea what its purpose was at first glance… They actually look like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel.”

Whilst this first step of automation is hardly going to replace the hard working staff member, it certainly looks like the future is shaping towards the removal of moany and comlainy employees and the introduction of a work force that look like barbeques. You can watch the entire interview on the 60 Minutes website.

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Google Glass upsets a man

Google_Glass_Explorer_EditionNick Starr, a video teleconference network engineer, has posted on his Facebook page that he and his partner were at a restaurant called Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge. Starr was told by an employee that they didn’t allow people to wear Google Glass at the eatery. Whilst Starr claims he had worn the optical gadget before no one had ever told him to put them away or leave.

Rather than push the issue, Starr left and has confirmed with Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge that they do not allow Google Glass to be worn at their establishment.

In a post on their official Facebook page, they updated that they asked a “rude customer” to vacate the premises because he would not remove the device.

“If you do wear your Google Glasses inside, or film or photograph people without their permission, you will be asked to stop, or leave,” said the post.

Co-owner David Meinert said to Forbes he does not permit Google Glass to be worn at Lost Lake Café and Lounge and his other establishment, 5 Point Cafe, because of privacy issues. Meinert’s concern is that people eating could be recorded or photographed without their knowledge.

“I think the crazy part is that this guy comes into a diner, and is asked to change his behavior in a way that’s our right to ask of him,” he pointed out. “He doesn’t like it, so he tries to get the server fired. It’s a total (expletive) move.”

It’s safe to say the two are finding it difficult to see eye to eye.

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Microsoft unveils state-of-the-art Cybercrime Center

Microsoft Cybercrime CenterWith security and cybercrime such a hot topic at the moment, Microsoft have today announced that they are to open a brand new Cybercrime Center, called, creatively, Microsoft Cybercrime Center.

It is to be a center of excellence at the forefront of the global fight against rising cybercrime and will feature the best of the best in legal and technical fields.

Microsoft have provided their full press release below.

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Sony’s new 3D headset now available

sony-hmz-t3w,U-V-404167-1Most are getting excited about the Oculus Rift and rightly so as they have recently announced Android compatibility. However, Sony has now made available the third generation of Sony’s HMZ headset line, following the HMZ-T1 (2011) and the HMZ-T2 (2012). The wireless head-mounted device provides two HD OLED screens generating a virtual 750 inch screen from 65 feet away, allowing users to enjoy 2D and 3D content with virtual 7.1 surround sound.
The device is lighter than the previous models, and provides flexible headbands, improved padding, and a tethered “battery box” providing around three hours on a single charge, dumping the required AC connection in the previous models. The device also supports MHL, meaning it can recharge a compatible smartphone or tablet while the device is transmitting video and audio over the same connection. Only costing mere $1000.

“The Sony HMZ-T3W portable 3D viewer keeps serious gamers in the game with speedy responses from its twin OLED screens and no annoying on-screen image lag,” reads Sony’s press release. “A one-touch button instantly boosts contrast and enhances shape details (game-mode), allowing gamers to relish the competitive edge in dimly-lit scenes where danger’s always lurking. Plus, there is no fumbling for the right keys in mid-game – the ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed ‘look-down’ view of your PC’s keyboard and mouse while you play.”

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HIS launch the R9 280X iPower IceQ X² Turbo Boost Clock 3GB

H280XQMT3G2M_ALL_400HIS – Hightech Information System Limited are in the process of launch a super new graphics card based on the R9 280X from AMD.

This card is a little different to the rest as it features the  IceQ X2 cooling system, this is designed especially to keep the noise to a minimum. The top heatsink is fairly insane, insuring the most complete coverage for cooling and for you over clockers out there the Voltage regulator module area has been enhanced in order to provide more overclocking potential.

Early word is that this card is terrific value for money, costing around £230 on some retail sites. We hope to have a test model at some point in the future.

Introducing HIS R9 280X iPower IceQ X² Turbo Boost Clock 3GB

iPower for More Voltage, IceQ X – Cooler & Quieter, Faster Turbo Clock, iTurbo and Long Lasting Design

Hightech Information System (HIS) today proudly announces the HIS R9 280X iPower IceQX2 Turbo Boost Clock 3GB GDDR5. The new card features iPower for more voltage, Boost Clock & Turbo for appealing performance, IceQX2 for cooler and quieter performance.
Armed with iPower design, the extra PWM phases provide the card with higher and more stable power output which leads to a better-than-expected overclocking. In comparison with 850MHz of the reference board, the core clock of the card has been by default set at 1000MHz.
With the latest technologies and features of R9 280X chipset, the card provides an all-round graphic experience to all users. The state-of-the-art IceQX2 coolers empower the card with the best cooling solution. The card is cooler than the reference design and is below 28dB during watching movies, surfing on internet and ordinary working. Even when graphic intensive gaming is being played, the card still remains at very quiet level.
The card comes with the innovative overclocking software iTurbo. With the user-friendly design, the user can control the temperature, speed and voltage of the card by very simple steps. The card is further strengthened by HIS Long Lasting Design which effectively prolongs the life span of thecard. The special metal RIB provides extra strength to the PCBs to avoid warpage. Loaded with AMD’s latest technology, such as GCN, Apps Faster & Smoother, the card has revolutionary improvements on computing performance, gaming experience as well as power consumption!
The card currently retails for £239.99 and it is available in OCUK.

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Who needs pockets when you can put it in your arm

originalGerman Tim Cannon, a “biohacker” has stuck a giant computer chip beneath his skin. The Android power device transmits his biometric data to other Android devices. The chip is kept safe because it’s sealed inside a protective case. The device is powered via a battery, which needs to be charged. Thankfully this has some wireless charging technology built in.

The craziest part about all this is that, as he explains in an interview with Motherboard, no certified doctor could ever perform the operation required to get the chip inside his arm. My guess is a doctor probably likes their license too much to attempt something like this. So he instead had to get help from “body modification enthusiasts”, the type of people who put stuff like horns under their foreheads. As you do.

The guy who ended up doing the job was one such enthusiast by the name of Steve Haworth. Because Steve isn’t a medical professional, he wasn’t licensed to use aesthetics. The device, called a Circadia, is going on sale soon for around $500. installation price not included.

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Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will be coming to Android

oculus-rift-smartphone-support-AndroidIt is now confirmed that the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will be coming to Android and that Android users will also have their own headset. A newly announced mobile headset will be a lighter consumer version of the Oculus Rift headset already planned for PC.

We have some exciting plans on the mobile VR side as the PC VR side. We’re really looking at hitting the consumer market. We’re very excited about what we’re seeing. Skeptical about how good mobile VR could be on such a small platform. It’s pretty incredible what [John Carmack has] been able to do. – Chief executive officer Brendan Iribe

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot more in terms of details than what was mentioned. As for when we can expect the Android headset to be released, the company is hoping to have both the PC and Android versions release simultaneously or as close to it as possible. No word on pricing as of yet.

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Why buy a 7 year old Mac Mini?

morph31tools I’m sure seeing the title of this post you’ll thinking that there really is no good reason to buy hardware that’s so old, and normally I would agree with you. So why have I just splashed some cash on a 7 year old Mac Mini on eBay?

A few weeks ago I started to clear out some garage space and came across my old Amiga collection. I have an A500+ and an A1200 still. Having spent so much time with them in my youth I simply cannot bring myself to throw them out, they are the main reason I ended up doing what do now.

Seeing these old machines got me thinking.

I knew that the Amiga brand had gone through numerous other companies including Escom in 1994 and Gateway 2000 in 1997. The current trademark owner, Amiga Inc, licences the rights to sell hardware using the Amiga or AmigaOne brand to computer vendors Commodore USA, Eyetech Group, Ltd. and A-Eon Technology CVBA.

Since I last booted up my Amigas, maybe 8 years ago, a couple of AmigaOS 4 systems have been released and most recently, in 2012, A-EON made the AmigaOne X1000.

What has that got to do with an old Mac Mini I hear you ask. Well with a sense of nostalgia I started reading up on the still alive-and-kicking Amiga scene. I came across MorphOS. MorphOS is an Amiga compatible operating system that has been continuously developed since 2008 and the latest version, 3.1 was released less than a year ago. The interesting thing about MorphOS that since version 2.4 in 2009 it has supported G4 Mac Mini’s.

I went on to eBay and found myself a bargain Mac Mini G4 for just under £80. I picked up the last version of the G4 with the 1.5GHz CPU and the 64MB graphics card.

The Mini arrived with OSX Leopard pre-installed but with just 512MB of RAM it ran like a proverbial dog and was pretty much unusable. Not to worry though as I didn’t want it to run OSX.

Having downloaded the trial ISO of MorphOS I booted the Mac from its DVD drive and set about installing MorphOS. The process took about half an hour and was soon ready for its first boot.

This is where it really surprised me. The boot time from cold with MorphOS is about 5 -10 seconds. The OS is blisteringly fast breathing new life in to that old hardware.

There’s good networking support, a webkit browser and mail client as well as various other tools and applications that make MorphOS a completely usable OS. There’s also a whole raft of other applications out there that cover almost every topic and if that not enough, you can still run the majority of Amiga applications on there.

I’m not suggesting for a moment that MorphOS is going to be a contender against the likes of OSX, Windows or Linux but for anyone like me that grew up with their Amiga it’s definitely worth having a play with and is a great lightweight alternative to Linux.

If you have a Mac Mini sitting around then you can bring that box back to life with a usable OS and can download a trial version of MorphOS for free.

Have Fun!


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Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall DLC

imageXbox 360 and PC gamers Mark April 16th in your diaries as this is the day of the second piece of three DLC packs for the Bafta award winner Dishonored will be released, sorry PS3 owners you will have to wait a whole extra day to get your hands on this digital download, but it sounds like it will be worth that little wait.

With a pocket friendly price tag of £7.99 and 800 Microsoft points respectively, this could be worth having a go at because the main campaign was absolutely fantastic and in this piece of DLC you get to play one of the bad guys..we all like to be bad now and then right?

Gamers will play this story driven DLC pack as Daud the Assassin who murdered the empress at the beginning of the original story, you will discover the mystery of Delilah and you will also receive brand new weapons, powers and gadgets which drive the gameplay and helps with the players choices within the game.
Players will also be able to explore new locations/areas such as the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, you will also receive abilities such as the ‘Summon Assassin Power’ which allows you to summon whalers, one of the coolest additions are unique upgrades to all of the current powers.


Exiting stuff!


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PlayStation Store update

logo-playstation-plusToday marks the next content and offers update for both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita stores, this list adds to the already quite frankly amazing list of available content on the PlayStation stores.

Earlier this month Sony released their PlayStation plus instant games for the month of March, this list included Mass Effect 3 of all things! for all PlayStation plus playstation.store_.logo_-600x300subscribers this game is absolutely free for One Month from March 6th! The other additions to the PS Plus instant collection are Joe Danger 2:the Movie and Dead or Alive 5 and these are again in addition to a further 8 free titles! Incredible value, as well as these games for PS3 there are some instant games for the PS Vita that you can already download: Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Lumines: Electronic Symphony, with a special addition which you will see below too.