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BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review

BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 may not be the BlackBerry Smartphone that is hitting the headlines at the moment due to it being a low end, budget device but that doesn’t mean it will not be popular. In fact, here in the UK it is quite possible that the 9320 may be 2012’s best selling Smartphone?

For the last two years RIM have claimed the title of most handsets sold in Great Britain and with the youth of today all carrying a BlackBerry, the Curve 9320 is the perfect successor to the Curve 8520 and 9300 that have proved so popular.

Available sim free from only £130 and on contact from £10.50 a month the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is both affordable and should be the perfect reason to keep the 8520/9300 users on Team BlackBerry.

Running BlackBerry 7.1 the 9320 doesn’t have the highest specs but due to it having the most up to date software it runs like a dream.

If you are in the market for the cheapest, best communication device yet I suggest you read on.

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HTC Sensation XE review (Running Android 4.0)

HTC Sensation XELast year HTC experienced a massive loss in the smartphone market due to poor sales and a lack of brand awareness. This was in part due to the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which pretty stormed the Android market for 2012. However, one phone that I believe really went under the radar was the HTC Sensation which boasted very similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and had a more sturdy design, but yet didn’t sell as HTC would have liked. HTC then brought out the XE and XL versions, both with Beats and both with beautiful form factors.

Today I’m going to review the HTC Sensation XE after it’s Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade and show you a phone that was massively underrated last year.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro Review

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro Last year Sony Ericsson embarked on their biggest year in the smartphone industry (in my opinion) as they released their next generation of XPERIA smartphones, there was the Arc, Neo, X10 Mini and finally the most important one regarding this review…the X10 Mini Pro.

Now does anyone really properly remember that handset? I mean let’s face it-it wasn’t brilliant, it was too small and had many software bugs and to be quite honest for a long time also it was way overpriced. Would many people over the age of 15-16 have bought this phone? I’m not so sure.

The reason I’ve mentioned the above is because Sony Ericsson are at it again releasing their 3rd generation of Xperia smartphones, and I have one of them the Xperia Mini Pro. Which is the successor to the X10 Mini Pro of last year.

So is the ‘Upgrade’ worth taking a look at? Or is it just another one of those smartphones that will disappear from the radar?

Well if you want to find out more about this intriguing handset please do read on.


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HTC Sensation review

htc sensation reviewWhen HTC announced 5 new phones at MWC earlier this year there was some criticism that there wasn’t a dual-core model there in the lineup. With LG and Samsung there with handsets featuring dual-core CPU’s the expectation was that HTC should at least be following the competition, lets face it, HTC are more accustomed to being leaders rather than followers.

However, maybe the critics should have had a little more faith that HTC had something up their sleeves as less than two months after MWC, HTC were holding their own press even here in London to announce the new HTC Sensation. Not only does it include the much coveted dual-core CPU but includes a 540 x 960 resolution QHD display which is the first to have a Gorilla Glass screen that’s curved on all edges.

Other new features such as HTC Sense 3.0 and the 8 mega-pixel camera with instant capture technology and 1080P video recording means that not only is this certainly HTC’s flagship handset but it’s also one of the best specified on the market today.

I’ve been using the sensation for a little over a week, so if you want to find out what I think of it you’ll have to read on!

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HTC Wildfire review

HTC Wildfire review Having been announced less than a month ago I was initially surprised to see the HTC Wildfire arrive in the office here so soon. Granted, we’ve already seen the Wildfire go on pre-order sale (SIM-free) at some retailers and some UK carriers announce that they too will stock it but we still thought it was some way off.

The HTC Wildfire appears to be HTC’s attempt to break in to lower end of the market. HTC’s recent wave of handsets have been at the upper-end at around the £400 mark for the HTC Desire and a little less for the HTC Legend. The Wildfire then is much less expensive than the HTC Desire which is widely regarded as the Wildfire’s bigger brother. This is a smartphone with a ‘feature phone’ price tag.

If you saw my HTC Wildfire unboxing video a few days ago you may have noticed that I said we’ll be doing something a little different with this review. Whilst the top section of the review will follow our normal format and will keep everything factual with just a little of my opinion in there the lower portion of the review will introduce comments from James, Tracy and possibly a few other members of the team, we’re going to try making it a broad view.

(a word of caution, there are a LOT of images but you can click on any one for a full-sized view.)

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HTC Smart review

HTC Smart HTC have been releasing new devices with an impressive regularity and this HTC Smart is the fourth device to be launched since all of the major announcements at MWC this year.

The HTC Smart is HTC’s first ‘feature phone’ and their first device to have an OS other than Windows or Android and based instead upon Qualcomm’s BREW platform. BREW is one of those emerging operating systems that is beginning to see greater exposure.

Many have been pointing out that the name ‘Smart’ is a little ironic as it can be argued that this is in reality something of a dumb phone. I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment though, many features of the HTC Smart are on par with the ‘smartphones’ out there and where do you draw the line between ‘dumb’ and ‘smart’?

You’ll have to read on to find out exactly what I think of the HTC Smart!

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