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Huawei Ascend P1 Review

Huawei Ascend P1 I would say that by now a lot of you guys reading this review would have heard of Huawei as a smartphone manufacturer as we at tracyandmatt.co.uk have looked at and reviewed many devices in the past. So with that in mind I would also imagine that you will have heard whisperings of the Huawei Ascend P1, the company’s’ flagship smartphone? If you haven’t heard of this phone then you will have by the conclusion to this review. Huawei have certainly got some stiff competition from the likes of HTC, Samsung and now Apple with the recent announcement of the iPhone 5 (I shall reserve judgement).

So I bet you’re all wondering what is this phone all about? And also maybe how well it will stack up against the mountain of competition?

Well if you do indeed wish to find out the ins and outs then I recommend reading on… after you’ve watched Matt’s unboxing and hands on video first of course.


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HTC One SV coming to the UK


Announced last month it seems that the HTC One SV will be making an appearance in the UK around the New Year. The mid range LTE Android device is expected in stock at unlocked-mobiles.com ,SIM free, on January 2nd. Priced at £329.98 the device seems to be a reasonable price for what you get.

HTC One SV Specifications

System: GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

3G/HSPA: 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz

4G/LTE: 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

Battery: 1800 mAh

Dimensions: 128 x 66.9 x 9.2 mm

Display: 4.3 inch Super LCD2 capacitive touchscreen – 16 Million colours – Gorilla Glass 2

Resolution: 480 x 800 pixels

Memory: 8 GB with 1GB RAM – up to 32 GB with MicroSD

Camera: 5 Megapixel, dial LED Flash, autofocus, video, 1080p – 30fps

Connectivity: Hotspots, Wi-Fi 802.11, Hotspots, Micro USB 2.0, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, NFC, DNLA

Platform: Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.04

You can pre-order the HTC One SV here.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reviewSamsung have released their second take on the phone tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note II looks a lot like the SIII, and shares many of the same features. However it the Note II an over sized phone or undersized tablet? The Note II is much more than that, daring to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in your pocket and trying it’s hardest to replace all other forms of technology you might use on a daily basis.

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HTC Desire C Review

creditHTC Desire C ReviewIn the not too distant past the ‘Desire’ range of smartphones from HTC were their flagship range, this was until MWC 2012 when HTC announced the excellent ‘One Series’. At that point I didn’t think that we would see a Desire branded handset from HTC again, but to my utter surprise here I have the brand new Desire C for review.

It’s the beginning of a new range of devices from HTC aimed at giving absolutely everyone a chance to own an Android smartphone on any budget.

So how does this little device fair against its competitors? And does it do the Desire brand name the justice it no doubt deserves?

Well to find out you will have to read on.

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Motorola Motoluxe Review

Motorola Motoluxe Review In the past Motorola have released some let’s say ‘interesting’ devices that haven’t necessarily done that well in general. However they have recently announced and released a new smartphone with a whole new look, the product in question is named the Motoluxe, which admittedly isn’t the most attractive name but the question is:

Is the phone more attractive than its name? And is it any good for today’s market?

To find out the answers to those questions and any of your own you will have to read on, and just to note if you haven’t done so already I would take a look at James’s unboxing video for a rundown of specifications and a quick look around the device before you read this review.

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HTC Sensation XE review (Running Android 4.0)

HTC Sensation XELast year HTC experienced a massive loss in the smartphone market due to poor sales and a lack of brand awareness. This was in part due to the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which pretty stormed the Android market for 2012. However, one phone that I believe really went under the radar was the HTC Sensation which boasted very similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and had a more sturdy design, but yet didn’t sell as HTC would have liked. HTC then brought out the XE and XL versions, both with Beats and both with beautiful form factors.

Today I’m going to review the HTC Sensation XE after it’s Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade and show you a phone that was massively underrated last year.

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HTC Explorer Review

HTC Explorer ReviewIn 2011 HTC became an even bigger player in the Smartphone market, possibly due to them releasing phones at a fair rate of knots! Here I have one of their lower end devices with a very nice low price tag attached to it, the HTC Explorer. One of this handsets main selling points is without question its low price tag as it is way below the 150 mark on both pay as you go and SIM free.

The question though is does this device have any more selling points, or is it just another cheap phone for the kids?

To find out you will have to read on.

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Huawei Ideos S7 Slim review

Huawei Ideos S7Huawei have been making devices for years however their name hasn’t quite hit the big time yet. If you own a 3G dongle then there is a good chance it was made by Huawei. We’ve seen a few of their phones over the years and I have even reviewed one of their tablets before, the predecessor to the Ideos S7 Slim, the S7. The S7 Slim comes to us 10 months after I attended the launch event. Should we even bother looking at this dated tablet. Well, oddly, yes!

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro Review

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro Last year Sony Ericsson embarked on their biggest year in the smartphone industry (in my opinion) as they released their next generation of XPERIA smartphones, there was the Arc, Neo, X10 Mini and finally the most important one regarding this review…the X10 Mini Pro.

Now does anyone really properly remember that handset? I mean let’s face it-it wasn’t brilliant, it was too small and had many software bugs and to be quite honest for a long time also it was way overpriced. Would many people over the age of 15-16 have bought this phone? I’m not so sure.

The reason I’ve mentioned the above is because Sony Ericsson are at it again releasing their 3rd generation of Xperia smartphones, and I have one of them the Xperia Mini Pro. Which is the successor to the X10 Mini Pro of last year.

So is the ‘Upgrade’ worth taking a look at? Or is it just another one of those smartphones that will disappear from the radar?

Well if you want to find out more about this intriguing handset please do read on.


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ZTE Libra review

ZTE Libra review ZTE are a company that specialise in selling very good-for-your-money phones and the ZTE Libra is another well priced addition to their line-up.

ZTE aren’t a well advertised phone maker, in fact, before this review, I hadn’t personally heard of them myself. But I shall definitely be taking a look at their future line-up after using this phone.

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