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T3 Magazine’s 01 concept phone

image T3 Magazines quest for perfection in the mobile phone world takes another form, thanks to their collaboration with The Alloy. The campaign to create the world’s most perfect mobile phone, suitable for each and every pocket alike, is gathering speed. Gone is the laser virtual keyboard, in its place they have got a fully-customisable contextual keyboard which changes depending on the program in use at that moment. A rubberised film over the slide-out pad makes it feel more realistic than any other keypad you’ve used before. More details about this concept and some pictures after the break.

Headphones click into place in the back of the phone, along with a flexible mini phone, which you can strap around your wrist, or keep in your pocket, if you want the 01 Phone to be in your laptop bag or close by, but not on your person. It works just as an ordinary phone, able to make and receive calls, and when done with it, you can lock it into the back of the 01 Phone.
The 01 Phone is being designed thanks to a partnership between T3 and The Alloy, who have worked tirelessly to create this new design, and are going through the stages of whipping something very special (and real) in their workshops, just for T3.

32GB of storage

Available on the iPod Touch, why can’t we have it on a phone? Store thousands of tunes and videos on your mobile, not to mention everything else…

5.0-megapixel camera

Screw 8.0-megapixel phones, we’d rather 5.0-megapixel – two of ’em, actually. One on the front for video calling and another on the rear for pics. Nokia has managed to do it, so why can’t everyone else?

3G internet

Access the internet anywhere with speed.

32GB of storage

and a huge screen makes the 01 Phone a video-watching and music-playing mothership. Not to mention the gaming abilities too.

image image

image image

image image

image image

click here to sign their campaign to get this phone made.

via T3 Magazine

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