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New CamerAware released

Our friend Paul from MoDaCo has just released an update for his excellent CamerAware application.

CamerAware Screenshot

The new release follows on from a great start to the month that has already seen several Camera database updates, and a number of incremental updates to ‘CamerAware Tracker’, the online viewer for uploaded journey data.

You can download and install CamerAware for FREE, have a play, take advantage of the position uploading and tracking functionality, and then purchase a licence code at a later date should you wish to activate the Camera warning functionality.

Go and have a look over at MoDaCo.


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VITO AudioNotes v1.2 released

VITO Technology is glad to announce a major update for its well-known recorder VITO AudioNotes. VITO AudioNotes v 1.2 offers new essential features to manage your voice notes and save your time either you use it for private or enterprise purposes.

Vito Audio Notes v1.2

With new version of VITO AudioNotes you can easily share your voice notes with friends and colleagues via email or mms messages. Not only can you create your voice notes right on the go but also immediately send them to anybody. You can finally forget about tedious typing and send voice messages practically from anywhere.

New feature quick record allows you to start recording with one hardware button press. The regular sequence of start-programs-AudioNotes-record is replaces with a single button press. Another feature that also saves your time is an option to delete all records altogether. Now VITO AudioNotes can automatically run upon every reset and stay in the background.

Other useful features suggested by our customers are sorting records by date or name and more informative file names for recordings. This greatly simplifies viewing a long list of records. Names of recordings include the phone number or the corresponding name from contacts (if it’s a phone call record) together with the date and time of record.

VITO AudioNotes has also been cured of some minor bugs that are listed at the product homepage on our website. VITO AudioNotes is available for $ 19.95 at


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Astraware celebrates 10th Anniversary of Broken Sword

Astraware and Revolution Software are excited to announce a special Broken Sword promotion to celebrate 10 years since the release of the original Broken Sword.

When the game was originally released on 30th September 1996, no-one could have forseen that the game would still be receiving rave reviews a full decade later. ‘Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars’ has been released on several platforms including PC, PlayStation(R), GameBoy Advance(R), and most recently for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R). Broken Sword is now an award-winning franchise with three sequels. The most recent, ‘Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death’, has just been released and is currently number 1 in the charts.

Broken Sword Screenshot

“We always dreamed of writing the game on a device that would reach beyond hardcore gamers; with the emphasis on intelligent, cerebral gameplay, rather than the requirement for manual dexterity, the game was always intended to have a broad appeal. Writing the game on Palm OS(R)and Windows Mobile(R) platforms has finally allowed us to achieve this goal”, said Charles Cecil, Managing Director and co-founder of Revolution Software.

“We are really proud of how the game has turned out on Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R).”, said Tony Warriner, co-founder of Revolution Software, “The PC version was praised for its beauty and subtlety, and this has translated perfectly”.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the release of ‘Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars’, Astraware is making the game available at a very special discount price. From Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2006 ONLY, ‘Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars’ for Palm OS(R) and Windows Mobile(R) for Pocket PC will be available with an Anniversary-only discount. This offer is available from the Astraware website for this limited period only. Visit the site at for more details.


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CamerAware 1.0 is now available

Our good friend Paul from MoDaCo has just announced that his safety camera software ‘CamerAware’ has now been released.

We have seen a few beta versions over the past months and this looks like being a killer app!

CamerAware Screenshot

CamerAware is an application for your Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone / Pocket PC that works in tandem with an internal, wired or Bluetooth GPS to monitor your position as you drive, and alert you when you come in range of a ‘Safety Camera’.

By checking your position every second against a database of known cameras, CamerAware can help you be a safer driver, and of course help protect you against fines and penalty points for inadvertently speeding past a Camera.

Get on over to MoDaCo and check it out!

Review coming soon!


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Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with Astraware!

Arrrrr! Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day with Astraware!

THE MIDLANDS, UK – September 18th, 2006 – Avast me hearties!!! Tuesday 19th September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Astraware Team is celebratin’ once again! ARRR!

We’re dressin’ and talkin’ like a pirate the whole day and when the workday is done we be bowlin’ like pirates too (photographic evidence will be here soon)!

A word from our fine captain, Redbeard Tomlinson: “Arrr, now’s yer chance to get a bit piratey – and if we don’t get at least an Arrr out of ye, it’ll be twelve strokes of the cat and no internet access for the rest of the day! A-harrr.”

Seven Seas ScreenshotTradewinds Screenshot

If ye want to join us in a bit of pirate fun, why not get your PDA or Smartphone shipshape with a copy of Tradewinds or Seven Seas. You can even get a few dubloons off the price! Visit our special piratey promo page for more information here:

The fine shipmates at Marie Curie Cancer Care are also joining the pirate fun for the day, and in cooperation with Popcap Games and Sandlot Games we’ll be donating the booty from both games to them at the end of the month.


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Free VITO CopyPaste software.

Sometimes every Smartphone user has to face the difficulty of transfering text from one edit box (any default editable field) to another on their Smartphone. Say, you need to copy a phone number from e-mail and send an sms to this number. In this case, thou funny it may sound, you still have to use a banal pen to write down the number to type it later. This is a big drawback of Windows Mobile platform for Smartphones.

VITO CopyPaste Software

VITO CopyPaste solves this problem with edit boxes and makes Windows Mobile for Smartphones more functional. To install VITO CopyPaste you copy the setup file to your Smartphone and run it. A second later you can bring up a context CopyPaste menu in any default edit box by press’n’holding the central joystick button. In this menu there are options to copy or cut all the text in the currently active edit box, or else choose selection mode and select the part of the text you need to copy or cut by pressing left and right joystick buttons. After you have copied or cut the necessary part of text to clipboard, you can paste it into another edit box.

VITO CopyPaste is easy to operate. Copy the file VitoCopyPaste.exe to your Smartphone (e.g. to StorageProgram FilesVITOCopyPaste) and run it once to activate. Attention! Do not copy it to the default start-up folder (StorageWindowsStartUp or WindowsStartUp). To disable VitoCopyPaste run VitoCopyPaste.exe again.

Read more



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PocketPC Walkie Talkie

Want to turn your PocketPC device in to a walkie talkie? Well now you can with 4Talk.

4Talk Logo

4Talk is the easy way to turn your Pocket PC into a two way communication device suitable for short range transmissions. Pair two or more Pocket PC’s to create a mini walkie talkie network, or use it in conjunction with your PC to create a continuous surveillance or baby monitoring device.

4Talk can be used on any local area network using direct cable, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth, although the later is obviously very short range. As long as your network is configured and your device has an IP address you can use 4Talk.

  • Get both PC and PPC versions.
  • 16 independent channels
  • Emergency channel
  • Microphone Lock Facility
  • Instantly see who’s online and what channel
  • Full Duplex Mode (for headsets).
  • Custom Key Configuration
  • Variable Sound Quality
  • Morse / Beep button
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Not sure whether or not it’s worth the £4.95 price tag, especially as you’ll have to buy two copies to use it. Also there is no Smartphone version listed.


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    Time to patch Windows (Again!)

    Microsoft is urging Windows users to update their systems with the latest security patches it has released to fix three critical flaws in its software.
    The flaws mostly affect Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer. Users with updated Windows Server 2003 and XP systems are not as much at risk.

    If left unplugged, they could allow hackers and virus writers to take control of personal computers remotely

    Everyone should go to Windows Update and make sure that their computer is fully updated!


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    Free Game!

    Ive been playing an excellent free game today, very adictive!

    Download a copy from here.



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