By September 24, 2009

Software review: SPB Quads


Spb Quad is about as simple as it gets when it comes to puzzle game. Much like Bejeweled, Quads relies on you ability to spot a combination quickly and plot ahead for higher scores. Of course you can just play it blindly and hope for the best as most do in Bejeweled. There are a whole host of simple little arcade puzzles but non come quite so close to the brilliance of Bejeweled.



This was one of the more fun brain games from SPB’s Brain Evolution Given a face lift and a more relaxed approach Quads is a successful and stylish puzzler that will help fill those 10 minute periods that you are itching for something to do. Like Bejeweled it’s simple just to pick up and fire through for a few minutes. With two modes of play, against the clock or keep going until there are no moves left, there isn’t a huge amount of variation but it’ll keep you entertained for a wee while.


Graphically it works well and the little animations are quite pleasing to the eye. The background plays a little ditty that whilst hardly hip and chart topping it brings across a relaxing yet up tempo mood, easily harnessing both the challenge and the odd frenzied race to find a combination. It isn’t the most finger friendly’ especially on smaller screens so to get the most out of it you’ll have to unleash the stylus.


SPB Quads has it’s rewards and for simple action on the go it might just have a niche for those who are just a little sick of Bejeweled.

You can download SPB Quads here

*** Main Features of SPB Quads: ***
* Addictive game play;
* Two game modes for different gaming scenarios;
* Attractive graphics;
* Native support for 240×320, 240×400, 320×320, 480×640 and 480×800 screens;
* 6 different types of bonuses;
* Online high scores;
* Finger-friendly interface matching all the modern resolutions of touchscreens.

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