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Sky+ remote record for iPhone application review

IMG_0077 Record your favourite programmes wherever you are with the Sky+ application for iPhone and iPod Touch.
With instant access to the 7-day Sky TV channel guide, simply find your favourite show, press Record and the programme will then be recorded on your Sky+ box for you to watch at home.
To use the Remote Record facility, you will first need to ensure you have a Sky Remote Record account by registering with We have done just that and after the break we will tell you if it works.

So we registered with online and got a My Sky account, very straight forward to do but you will need you Sky subscriber number which you can find on your monthly bill or on the actual viewing card which is the viewing card that is inserted in the front of your Sky+ or Sky HD box.

Once you have done that, you need to fire up your Sky+ box and using the remote controller navigate to Interactive and press ‘1’ for Sky Active. Choose Sky Products from the menu, then select Remote Record. Select Register My Sky Users – this directs you to a page advising that you are about to be connected to a freephone number. Now at this point your Sky+ box must be connected to a telephone line, we must point out that the telephone line does not need to be connected once the service has been setup as the application communicates through the satellite dish to send record requests, we have tested this and no longer have our box connected to the telephone line.

Press Select if you are happy to do so, using your Sky remote control, enter your mobile phone number and press Select, you will now see the confirmation screen and thats it done, all set up and ready to go.

Now on your iPhone fire up the Sky+ application and the first thing to do is register your account details, these are the username and password you use to log into My Sky online. Once that has been done you can browse the program planner.


Horizontal finger flicks move the time of programmes easily but you have to hit the up and down arrows to run through the different channels which is a strange implementation and we forgive Sky for this as it is their first release of the software and will surely be improved.

Another small criticsm is the bland program guide, it could do with brightening up a little, but still not worth worrying about.

Now lets get down to the real power of this application, select a programme that you want to pop into your planner to set to record.


A box pops up and gives you a little snippet of information and the option to cancel or record, select record and we get another box.


Thats it, a few minutes later and the program will appear in your planner and that is it, the program will record on your home Sky+ box.

We have tested this over the last few days and have had a perfect result every time, no failures at all so highly recommend this application to anyone with a Sky+ or Sky HD system.

It works over WiFi, 3G, Edge and GPRS so you will never be caught out if you forget to record a program when you are out.

Get it here (FREE)

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