By February 4, 2009

Rim sells over 50 million Blackberry handsets

image The company announced on Wednesday that it had hit the sales milestone for its iconic smartphone almost exactly ten years after the first Blackberry was launched in January of 1999. In the years that followed its release, the Blackberry grew from making two-way pagers to add phone, email and web browsing support to its products as the name became almost synonymous with the business smart phone market. Since then, the company estimates that it has amassed a user base of 21 million subscribers who transfer an estimated three petabytes of data over the handset each month.

Blackberry users are so keen on their devices the term ‘Crackberry’ has become common currency. President Barack Obama has reportedly refused to give up his, forcing the Secret Service to upgrade its security.

RIM hopes that the path two the next fifty million Blackberries will be forged in part by its two latest models, the touch-screen equipped Bold and Storm handsets. The Blackberry’s future, however, will be written amongst a much tougher market.

Once rivalled in a booming market only by Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets, the Blackberry now finds itself in a smartphone arena devastated by the economic crisis.

Additionally, new and formidable rivals to the Blackberry have emerged in the form of the Apple iPhone and the Google Android platform, with challengers such as the Palm Pre looming on the horizon.

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