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Rightmove official app for iPhone – review

Now I’ve heard everything is available on websites, but you don’t really care for websites, do you? You prefer having it all in apps, that bring additional benefits like offline-viewing and nice multitouch user interface and other fancy stuff.

Here we are reviewing an official (at last!) app for the biggest British website that offers properties for sale and rent – Yes, this is a British thing, so if you are not interested in Blighty – nothing to see here! Seriously.

The first screen of this app looks like this (and lack of search criteria here is strange but no worries, matey, they are available later on):

Once you click ‘for sale’ or ‘to rent’ button then you get list of possible places/cities:

Next, you see the search results and only here you can enter the search criteria by tapping on ‘refine your search…’ thingy:

Criteria look like this:

… and you can set for example type of the property to buy (here: house):

… or even more criteria:

Then you can tap on specific search result and for example you can see the houses, like this one (err, ugly!):

… or this one (that’s better):

Nice thing is that you can save properties for watching them off-line:

In each item you can see photos like this one (is it LCD TV or old tube telly?):

… and this one (oh, looky a bath tub – hallelujah!):

There is more things that you can see or do with given property:

… including: see this property on a map:

… and here is a proof that it is an official app of Rightmove:

Another nice thing: you can save your search criteria to “saved searches” what can come in handy if you are repeating the same search over and over again to find property that tickles your fancy:

Conclusion: it’s great to see that finally the biggest property website in United Kingdom of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland,… is also available as an iPhone app. For Brits and foreigners living in UK or buying property in UK, this app is a treat, pure delight. In property biz location and timely decisions are vital, so having this app to find property of interest to you – will be very useful. This app seems perfect to us, is it missing any features? Probably not. Of course it is free, as Righmove earns money off the properties being sold/rented and not off the app store. Anyway: the one gap where there was no app (in UK) yet – has been filled. Previously available apps had very tiny choice of properties and this one finally answers all the prayers. If you own iPhone or iPod touch and if you are pondering to purchase a property in UK, this app is a must!

This app is available only at iTunes UK, so no soup for you, Gringos from across the pond!

Get it here (price: FREE):

* * * * *

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