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HP ProBook 4525 & HP 620 Laptops Review

both There are more laptops sold these days than desktop PCs, and with fair reason – they offer the average user all they could want without the ugly beige box and monitor taking up all that space. They’re sleek and powerful, widescreen and wireless and allow you to peruse the important issues of the day’s Facebook in front of the goggle box. Yes, laptops are awesome, and there are loads to choose from. So in such a competitive area, a laptop naturally has to stand out from the crowd to get noticed – some go for raw power, giving those doing CPU intensive task the grunt they need. Others go for sleek and attractive design – thin, curved and shell-like.

So have HP given us two laptops that stand up on their raw power or stand out with their design? Well, err, um…


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Archos 3cam Vision review

Archos 3cam Vision review As with many others Archos is a name I am very familiar with in the world of MP3/4 players however these days it seems manufacturers really must go above and beyond the norm. In order to stand out from the ever-dominant fruit based market.



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Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Review


Mobile Wi-Fi is nothing new these days as Three have had their Mi-Fi around for some time but Vodafone’s new mobile Wi-Fi is certainly a nice alternative.

At present it is only available on contract, however I would imagine a pre paid option will hit the store in the future.

So how does this one compare to the Three Mi-Fi? You will have to read on to find out.


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Eken M001 Android Tablet review

Eken M001 Android Tablet review The rise of cheap Android tablet computing was arguably due to start a while ago but so far, we haven’t seen many (if any) of such tablets that are compelling enough to be considered a serious contender. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab could be the one to change all that but as of right now, Apple’s iPad still sits at the top of the pile as far as consumer tablets go. What we have here is one of the first Android tablets on the scene, the Eken m001. There are many rebrands and variants of it such as the ‘apad’ but they are all essentially the same device. It was designed as a low cost entry into tablet computing, but does the low price give us an indication of its quality?

You’ll have to read on to find out!

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Toshiba Dynadock V10 review

Toshiba Dynadock V10 review Does the Dynadock V10 really soups up your laptop and productivity as V10 engine transplant would pimp up a car? Or is the all-in-one gizmo more of a two-stroke Trabant with a huge rear-wing?

I wasn’t sure what to make of the Dynadock.

It functions as docking stations of the yesteryear but it doesn’t look like one and connects via the ubiquitous USB rather than some obscure proprietary port.

The device tries to be a Swiss army knife of computer connectivity. It’s essentially a 4-in-1 gadget comprising a USB audio interface, a USB hub, a USB-to-DVI and a USB-to-Ethernet adapters. Quite an entourage for a single USB cable it uses to communicate with the computer.

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Sanyo Xacti VPC-CS1 Review

sanyo_xacti_vpc_cs1 Here I have the Sanyo xacti CS1 compact full HD camcorder, when I got the question from Matt ‘would you like to review a HD camcorder?’ to say I was thrilled would be quite the understatement; so as you can imagine I jumped at the chance as I have never used one before and this was a great opportunity as I was going on holiday!

My first thought when I received the camcorder was ‘How can it stand up against the vastly popular Flip HD range of pocket camcorders?’ Now the people who know me will know that I am not the most ‘clued up person’ when it comes to any type of camera, so I am reviewing for a novice point-of-view which I think will be a particularly realistic test as I beleive that this camera is likely to appeal to noobs like me. To find out how it all went please read on.


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Blaq Review

Blaq-LogoFor those of you that have not heard of Blaq, it is a new Twitter application for BlackBerry. If you don’t have a BlackBerry then I will excuse you for not reading any further!

This review has gone live on the site today to coincide with the launch of Blaq as today is Blaq Friday! This new app has been in great demand for some time now, although it has been available as a closed beta for for a lucky few.  Was it worth the wait and how does it compare to the others already out there?

Read on to find out.


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Innopocket Hexapose stand for iPad

IMG_1547 A few weeks ago Innopocket sent me an email saying that they’d just launched a new stand for the Apple iPad; the Hexapose Stand. Having seen the product shots and knowing how popular the iPad has become among our readers I thought it would be a good idea to request one to review.

After cases I suspect that iPad holders or stands are the next big accessory that iPad owners are likely to buy. There are plenty out there now but the thing that initially attracted me to the Hexapose was that it is made from aluminium and looks a little like the stand you’ll find on an Apple iMac. It’s also poseable in 6 different positions, hence the Hex in Hexapose, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The whole unit arrives in a fairly small box and requires the simplest of assembly, just a couple of screws to hand tighten. As you’ll see in the video below, it’s easy to put together and use and furthermore holds the iPad secure enough to be safe whilst still making it easy to remove when you need to.


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Motorola FlipOut Review


The concept of the Motorola FlipOut is most definitely an odd one. We have had sliding Qwerty handsets for years now and this one just kind of warps the traditional style a wee bit. 

As you would have seen in Matt’s demo video the FlipOut highlighted some screen issues but does this make it a bad phone?

Read on to find out…


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LG Cookie Fresh (GS290) Review

CookieFresh-main So here we have the latest addition to the ‘Cookie’ range of mobile phones from LG, now we all know how popular the first LG Cookie was so how will the new one cope with the stiff competition out there? And can it really be better than its predecessor?

Read on to find out more.


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