By February 3, 2010

Fun rat game app for iPhone – free for limited time

Do you know that there are more rats in London than people? Anywho, iPhone developers sometimes reduce price of their apps to zero whenever Apple is featuring them, and the same happened with TerroRats – a fan iPhone game that you can get now for free for a limited time – just because the developers are celebrating being featured by Apple:

As the rats are marching out on the sandy desert dunes they seem peaceful. But watch out, some of them have bad intentions. It’s your job to keep the desert clear of the TerroRats who are carrying time activated explosives and will blow up, unless disarmed and sent to jail.

When a rat turns blue or red, it becomes a TerroRat. Quickly drag it to the right color police car before he blows up.

When the police car is getting full, drag it out of the screen to empty it. The more rats in the car, the more points you earn.

Earn additional combo bonus points by dragging multiple rats to the police cars quickly.

Various items will appear on the screen, some good and some bad. Throw (drag) the bad objects out of the screen and the good objects to your power-up collector at the bottom center of the screen. You can carry 2 power-ups at a time. Activate a power-up by shaking your device.

Commentary: with games for iPhone there is always a risk that you will not like it if you will buy it and then you will regret buying it. Since this app is free (for a limited time), you have no risk.

Get it here (price: FREE for a limited time, go get it tiger!):

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