By November 9, 2009

Powermat unboxing video

A few months ago, when we were away in the US we went to one of my favourite shops, Best Buy, and saw a huge display of Powermat products. I’d heard about the technology which is basically wireless inductive charging, but to that point hadn’t seen a product to make use of it.

The Powermat essentially comes in two parts. The mat itself, available in office/home and portable versions, and a ‘receiver’ unit. The receiver comes in a variety of forms from a simple Powercube that comes with the Powermat allowing you to charge USB devices to a selection of ‘jackets’ to fit iPhone, Blackberry and Nintendo DS.



The nice people from Powermat sent me over a review unit to take a look at so in the video below you’ll see the home/office version of the Powermat as well as the Powercube and a receiver/dock for the iPhone/iPod.


Powermat unboxing video


There are many other receiver units available so head over to the Powermat site to see if they make one for your favourite device.


No more tangled mess of cords or searching for the right adaptor, simply place your enabled device on the Powermat to charge. Featuring a full range of wireless charging solutions for all your favorite devices, Powermat is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, MP3 players, cell phones, headsets, hand held electronic games, digital cameras, and GPS units. Whether you charge at home, at the office, on the road, or in all of these places, Powermat has a solution for you.


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