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Portable gaming

portable_gaming If you enjoy playing games at home then no doubt you would enjoy playing them while waiting for a train or bus, fortunately there are many devices that allow you to do this these days.

For example the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS are great portable gaming consoles, however phones are also a great option for anyone looking to game on the go. With many innovations in the portable gaming world people are now starting to take these smaller games more seriously, with some of the biggest titles and industry coming out of a possible games consoles such as Mario games and uncharted for the PS Vita the portable gaming industry is no longer a small one.

The great thing about these games consoles is just how much innovation goes into making them as in order to get an interactive and different experience out of the consoles they have thought of many different ways in which you can use the consoles play the games. For example both of the PS Vita and the 3DS have touchscreens that let you control the games as well as tilt sensitive gyroscopes inside. All of this together makes for an interesting and fun gaming experience on the go.

But if you don’t want to put out one of these expensive game consoles then your mobile phone is the tool that you need to play games. If it is a modern smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z then no doubt you have an inbuilt App Store that allows you access to thousands of games instantly. If you don’t however then shops such as Phones4U will be more than helpful in your search for a new phone. Modern smartphones have touchscreen  functionality built straight into them so many game developers use the same techniques on these as they would on the bigger portable gaming consoles.


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