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Online Gaming Technology Trends For 2014

indexLike virtually all aspects of daily life, modern technology has redefined recreation by enabling the creation of online gaming venues. eCasino platforms afford easy access to the best of all possible worlds.  Besides obvious perks of convenience and privacy, odds of hitting bigger jackpots at Euro Palace casino are much higher and more frequent. 

Other fringe benefits begin even before the first spin or draw is taken with hefty sign-on bonuses worth up to thousands of dollars. Moreover, constant entry into free-play tournaments and games are standing orders of every day at eCasinos.

Of course, very well is never good enough for e-vendors.  Instead, they constantly view to gain the lead with improved editions and entirely new additions to existing product lines.

Below is a sneak preview of five major online gaming technology trends for 2014.

Fiber Internet

Popular expert consensus holds that fiber Internet technology will set a new standard of true high speed online gaming in 2014 and 2015.  Fiber optic accessibility transmits data via light rays so fast it turns copper DSL cables dinosaur relics of a distant past.  Even better news is no need for special devices or apps to access exponential speed.  This capability could also allow web-based games that are 100% guaranteed for fairness and fast-paced play.

Second Screen

Recent close of 2013 4Q commenced the opening season of Second Screen technology.  Its main attraction is full access to advanced functions without distraction of disrupted play.  Instead of constant mouse clicking to switch HD maps and inventory lists, players could access those items via interactive second screens.


Variously called “competitive online gaming,” eSports technology has recently gained tremendous popularity.  Its growing visibility is most often given credit to a global focus that brings gamers across the world into direct contact for virtual combat.  Many commentators express firm belief in eSports as the next format of multi-casino online tournaments with huge cash prizes.

Virtual Reality

Largely driven by enormous popularity of Facebook’s recently acquired Oculus Rift platform, virtual reality is likely to make a long-awaited appearance by year’s end.  VR players don specially designed goggles to get an overall effect of direct participation from perspectives inside the game. This means saying goodbye to screens as barriers to final frontier of online gaming with physical presence from remote distances.

Augmented Reality

A very close second runner-up and relative of VR, augmented reality allows solitary interaction with customized interfaces to suit players’ wildest imaginations.  This surreal experience is enabled by artificial intelligence for truly interactive engagement by manipulating integrated electronic controls.  Combined with exponentially enhanced motion sensing technology, net effects like pushing virtual buttons or being dealt real cards by live dealers could be possible.

Final observations of 2014 online gaming innovations

Regardless of whether players use a desktop PC, laptop, Smartphone, iPad or tablet for remote access to hot gaming action, one reality cannot be denied.  Great things lie just ahead that make it very worthwhile to keep close tabs with vigilant watch of virtual gaming venues.  After all, if early birds get the biggest worms, it’s a safe bet that newest players get the best perks.

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