By January 27, 2011

O2 BlackBerry – An Office On The Move


With the likes of Android and Apples iOS now steaming upwards in Smartphone market share we mustn’t forget the good old trusty BlackBerry. Shunned by many the BlackBerry is still an invaluable solution for millions of business users around the world.

Here in the UK, O2 are still great believers in the BlackBerry Smartphone solution when it comes to running a business. They have just released the below video to emphasize their beliefs and if you listen to our podcast you will know that I too am a huge fan of BlackBerry and I manage not only this site but my day to day business on my BlackBerry.

O2 currently have six BlackBerry Smartphones in their current line up, available on contract and on pay as you go.

Check out the video below and if you are considering using a BlackBerry why not head on over to the O2 website and see what they have to offer. 


O2 BlackBerry – An Office On The Move

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