By October 26, 2008

Next iPhone firmware still missing so much

image As expected, Apple chose this weekend to release the latest beta version of its iPhone firmware to developers for testing new features before making it public but it’s what it hasn’t done that’s really noteworthy. Although firmware 2.2 now has the Street View option in Google Maps, it still doesn’t give the iPhone the ability to copy, cut or paste text. The one feature that pretty much every iPhone owner has been clamouring for since the handset hit the market isn’t the only thing not happening.

Apple has also ignored again the ability to handle MMS which even the most basic Nokia handset can do, nor has it enabled landscape mode email composition – both features that have been in demand since day one. As for a video-shooting mode on the camera, well, we guess there’s always the option to jailbreak the phone and pick up a copy of iPhone Video Recorder although the crappy camera will hardly produce good results anyway.

This for me is getting beyond a joke, I am sick of waiting for simple things like these to be implemented on the iPhone and I am now getting to the stage of looking at other phones. Sure the iPhone is by far the most user friendly experience of any phone I have ever used, but as a power user it is missing so much. Sure Windows Mobile is clunky in comparison, having said that with a little bit of work I can get it to work in a way that suits me, I will be buying the HTC Touch HD as soon as it is available, if it is a good experience it may be goodbye iPhone. The GPS is rubbish with no turn by turn guidance, no MMS, no tethering, no multi tasking, no home screen customisations and call me a gadget snob, it is becoming so common it is no longer different. So there you go that’s my thoughts, what do you think.

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