By September 21, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 89: Ham Tomato and Cheese

Web banner Gareth, Matt, Tracy and Andy enjoy a lovely little chat about HTC’s recent announcement, the Blackberry Torch 9800, Networks woes, Carphone Warehouse’s new concept and James’ embarrassing and personal medical procedure

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and Andy
Cameo from James


New HTC Sense Announced with

HTC Press conference video

BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available from Clove

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Unboxing Video


Hauwei IDEOS unboxing video

Matt loves iOS 4.2 on the iPad

Eken M001 Android Tablet review

Orange customers squeezed out of Facebook

O2 shocks customers by slashing iPad data allowance

Orange brings Android to the masses with the launch of San Francisco


CPW Walk out Working

Site merge reminder

Bargain corner


Dialaphone Clearance sale

Three iPad SIM cards

Listener corner

Good evening Matt,

Just to let you know vodaphone are at it again. They have put a their branded software in with the above update (Galaxy S) ,they have also massacred the splash screens with their own  terrible splash screen and included a couple of trial games. The users in the vodaphone forum, (,page are not happy about this and don’t want this on their phones , me included,i loved the samsung splash screen .

We are now waiting for the froyo update ,which we hope is released on the 23rd, to remove these vodaphone items.

This issue has been raised by both cnet, and the register ,( both have articles written about this update.

I don’t usually write to web sites about anything just read and agree. I loved my phone without the branding and want it back that way.

Have a nice evening.

Regards Paul


Do you know of any phones that can block text messages ?  I have heard of an application for the iphone called iblacklist that can block calls.  Can this block text messages as well ?  But i guess your phone needs to be unlocked/jailbroken ?

Does the Samsung Galaxy S offer such a feature as i was thinking of buying this phone or an iphone.



can I get an iPad on contract? – Someone on Twitter

James’ Lymericks

Many thanks for the recent praise.


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