By February 9, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 58

Web banner Here we are with podcast 58 and this week introduces our two new regular co-hosts, James Richardson and Matt Davis from alongside Andy and Gareth. Tonight the four discuss all the news and current goings on in the mobile world including the Blackberry 9700, the LG GW620, the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet and a rather controversial listener question.

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Show Notes

Competition Time!

Mobile Tech Addicts iPhone Application
Nokia drops Symbian V2
T-Mobile admits importing iPhones
Vodafone’s Twitter attack
Sony Ericsson Aspen running Windows Mobile 6.5.3

Andy gets a BB 9700 and paying for it!  UMA?
Blackberry Program – Unread (Google Reader with full read/unread sync)
5 day trial, 5 dollars to buy

(Listener’s Welcome to Chat Direct)

Archos – as Linux was problem free? (Review will be live in the morning – (may not be we’ll see! – Matt) JR -You bugger! Actually I’ll make sure it is to coincide with the podcast!
James and I will have both seen the Palm Pre by the time we record. JR – I will have used it to shave!

I have the LG GW620 I can talk about a bit and the Nexus One if anyone it still interested?. GM – You can try to flog it also 🙂

We could mention that we are looking at the E101 and E200 for Clove too but we wont talk about James not being able to work it! 🙂 JR – No we should!
eBooks coming to the HD2? – Rumour
NEW HTC Handset rumours – Legend, Bravo & Incredible
New Google Buzz (not sure if you think that has any place on the ‘cast chaps?)
Gareth and James pre-MWC comments? Who you think you will see, what you think you will see?
What do the listeners want to see or know about?

Listener question:

Hi, hope your well!
What’s the best phone to recommend to my mate who’s having an affair!!??
A little background. My mate layed an egg when I recalled some of his 
text messages from his n95 that he thought he deleted. He was looking 
to upgrade to an iPhone, but as far as I’m aware, he won’t be able to 
delete individual numbers made or recieved. Only entire call lists 
which may rouse suspicion!? 2 phones is a no go apparently. And he’s 
not eager to downgrade to an older phone. This got me thinking, what 
phone would be simple. A silent ringtone for a certain number? 
Obviously the wise thing would be to end it but I don’t think he’ll do 
that either!!!! What do you rekon?

Many thanks to The Stetz for the music

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