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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 170: Also available in Pebble Blue

Web bannerIt’s Gareth and James returning this week. Addressing the Samsung Galaxy SIII shortages, A slurry of Orange/T-Mobile/Everything Everywhere announcements and HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich roadmap.

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and James
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Show Notes
Samsung Galaxy S III goes on sale. Pebble blue one delayed.
Xperia U Pricing on T-Mobile
Orange Santa Clara launching
EE confident in 4G this year
Orange Smart Signal Sharing
HTC ICS Road map

Tablet Table
22 inch tablet
Sony tablets get ICS
Nvidia Kai

Bargain Basement
Samsung Galaxy Note £369.00
Nasa stuff
£5 upfront and you get a monthly allowance of: 200 mins to any network, 200 sms to any network, 512Mb Data + free calls to Ovivo
Tablet deal 1GB data.
HTC One X 12 Months 300mins 3000 texts 500MB Data
Motorola Defy Mini  £ 79.00

Listeners Garden
First of all I gotta say I love your podcast, I’ve been enjoying your weekly banter for a long time now.
Now let me explain why I should get the case.
A while ago my wife managed to take her Blackberry Pearl for a 4 mile ride on the roof of her car and thanks to the sleeper magnet in the pouch it lived to tell the tale and quite enjoyed the fresh air too apparently.  
Unfortunately when I bought my panoramic roof Smart Car they failed to warn me that the magnet in my 9900’s leather pouch will be as attracted to glass about as much as I am attracted to my aging butch lesbian neighbor.
So when I took it to a mate to fix the knackered rear bearing syndrome, after many hours of trial and error pulling and pushing, we declared the operation a success but to be sure we decided to take it for a quick spin. Well, to cut the long story short, my carefully placed 9900 on the roof of the Smart decided to abandon ship in the first bad bend and I only realized a few miles later consequently prompting a fast and illegal U turn and an eagle eyed drive back re tracing our steps. Thankfully we found it in an empty parking spot at the side of the road before any cars drove over it but still managed a police style intercepting maneuver and jumped out to retrieve it 🙂
Assessing the damage we declared the leather pouch a write off and the 9900 only spotted a few battle scars as I call them.
So you see, I think you should send me the case to save me from further embarrassment.  
Looking forward to your reply,
PS it all did not end well for my wife’s pink Pearl, you see, when you have a movable object(her Pearl) inside a fixed object(leather pouch in her hand) it’s not a good idea to gesticulate vigorously during a conversation as the inertia will cause the movable object to leave the fixed object and be launched in a smooth but short flight with a not so smooth landing.


App Attic

Agricultural Simulator 2012
Rebuild on Android & iPhone

James’ Bric A Brac Bazaar

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