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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 123: A little ChaCha with your Salsa

Web bannerGareth, James, Matt and Tracy are all aboard for another chat about the Mobile World in the UK. This week covering the HTC ChaCha and Salsa, Orange have announced the Barcelona and there is also a debate about HD Voice potential.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Matt and Tracy
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Show Notes

HTC ChaCha unboxing video
HTC Salsa unboxed toooo
Vodafone SMART Unboxing
The Orange Barcelona
HD Phone Calls on Three
Android Market to show compatibility

Tablet Table

Toshiba Thrive Pre Order
Asus Windows 7 Eeepc Tablet arrives through the backdoor
HP TouchPad demo videos
HP TouchPad thoughts?

Bargain Basement

60 minutes, 300 texts, Extra minutes, Ultd Internet £5
for every full minute of inbound calls received you will receive a credit of one minute to use to call any UK mobile or landline number
HTC Wildfire on Three  £99.95
LG Optimus Pad £749.99

Listeners Garden

Despite my blood flowing green with android juice, my 13 year old son
is toying with the idea of breaking away from his trusty T-Mobile
pulse (kept going with custom roms etc) and venturing away from the
green droid and crossing to the darkside of blackberry (see what I did
there? Dark, blackberry?)
His main reason is a lot of his friends at school have blackberrys and
BBM each other, so his main reason is BBM but also likes the keyboard.
He still undecided as he does like his android and also on the list is
the San fransico. I’ve also pointed out the new Orange Barcelona which
has an uncanny blackberry look to it. Best of both worlds? I think
Androids strong point its touchscreen and the keyboard is a waste of
screen real estate personally.
I know which side of the fence I sit on, but trying to be impartial.
What would you recommend in the blackberry range upto £150ish? Looks
like its between 8520 and 9300. He is payg on ThreeUk, so would need a
Three one or unlocked/unlockable one.
How does Blackberry apps and games compare to Android – can you get
gmail and google maps etc? No Angry Birds I guess?
For the same price range, there is a huge choice on Android all shapes
and sizes.
Perhaps Gareth could comment after James to convince him Android is by
far the best option afterall – opps, there goes my impartialness
Can I also be cheeky if you have a light post bag this week and ask an
opinion on Android tablets.
Very tempted with the Transformer, but Gareth seems keen to wait for
the Tosh tabs. Any reason for not considering the Transformer (other
than removable Battery)? Its looks fantastic and well priced. Had a
little play and its like a moth to a lightbulb! Any comments on
transformer vs anything else on the horizon?
Cheers guys. Keep up the fab show.
p.s. Can we request a special ‘Potato’ for Sweyne Park school 😉
James is a bit of a legend there!

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Many thanks to The Stetz for the music 

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