By July 15, 2010

Mobile industry is shafting customers on contract cancellations


Over half of UK Punters aren’t told that they can cancel their mobile phone contacts if their local coverage is rubbish. The Communications Consumer Panel in the UK published a report saying that. The results of its research state that most customers simply aren’t given the low-down on cancellation policies from mobile contractors if coverage is dodgy.

Using a mystery shopper, the research found that 56 per cent of people who bought at a retail store weren’t given the correct information about their rights of cancellation. The report also revealed that different operators and retailers have completely different policies on cancellations. Some operators point blank refuse to cancel contracts even if there wasn’t any coverage. That’s not limited coverage, it’s no coverage at all.

If punters were allowed to annul their contact, the length of time varied on when they were allowed to cancel. The Communications Consumer Panel recommended giving punters a minimum 14-day cancellation policy for poor coverage and consistent policies for all. It seems only fair.

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