By April 7, 2017

Kari Voutilainen and 8848 preview new collaboration phones

8848-281020168848, China’s leading luxury phone company, presented its high-end smartphones for the first time in Europe at the well-known Baselword fair, taking place from 23 to 30 March in Switzerland. On this occasion, three different ranges of telephones were presented including one designed by the Finnish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen.

2017 is a pivotal year for this flagship of Chinese industry that turns to Europe to present the finesse and quality of its smartphones which are the combination of modern technology and traditional Chinese culture. Among the collections presented exclusively at the show were:

  • The M3 range was designed in partnership with the independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, whose two phones in the collection are called “Poseidon” and “Athena” for which a limited number of devices have been produced worldwide. The strength of this range is the integration of 6watchmaking within the mobile phone.
  • The special Zodiac range “Year of the Rooster” composed of two distinct versions:1) The Clivia White Diamond version, in navy blue ostrich leather, is decorated with the emblem of the rooster in the shape of a mosaic of 18-carat pink gold and diamonds. This required the use of 21.6 grammes of gold and 39 white cut diamonds. The design is inspired by a painting by Chinese artist, Zhang Daqian. The phone is made of titanium with a polished platinum PVD frame.2) The Ruby Coronet version is decorated on the back of a hand-made rooster made entirely of 18-carat pink gold, inspired by a painting by Xu Beihong. The crest of the rooster is composed of 32 rubies colour flames and its body of 53 white diamonds.
  • The Palace Imperial line of two smartphones was designed by Chinese fashion designer Lawrence Xu. Only 999 units of this edition are available worldwide. The design of Lawrence Hsu is inspired by various elements of popular Chinese artwork, including the royal palace dragon. The back of the phone is elegantly decorated with an 18-carat gold-plated gold dragon, adorned with sapphire crystals.



8848 will also release private ordering for 2017 S ring and Summer colour series. It will give consumers more personalisation options for their 8848 mobile phone, with wide range of different skins and materials

In 2016, 8848 sold 100,000 phones, becoming a leading player in the Chinese telephony industry.

” We believe that luxury phones and high-end watches have many things in common and this was confirmed by the commercialization of the M3 range, which was a great success with our Chinese customers,” said Zhou Jia, CEO of 8848. “Baselworld is a unique forum for exchanges and of sharing where it was essential for us to come and present our know-how to Western buyers. We hope to better understand the needs of the European market and to understand and interact with European and global high-end consumers. ”

“Our latest phones are a perfect illustration of our know-how in the very high technology and Chinese goldsmithing. In the near future, our goal is to combine Eastern and Western cultural elements in our products as we plan to sell our phones to the European market very quickly, “adds Zhou Jia.


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