By January 4, 2009

iPhone Elite QWERTY keyboard accessory

3rdpartykeyboard-retouchedThe iPhone just got a whole lot more tempting for me this morning. The idea of a QWERTY keyboard add-on is hardly new, however, this one really looks tempting. The idea of the keyboard also becoming a rather resilient cover for the screen will attract a great many people. Click on for more info.

 Still remember that iPhone ELITE/Pro concept we featured earlier in the week? Well, if a built-in keypad is a bit too much for you, Mat Brady, the creator of the ELITE/Pro, has come out with a completely new concept design that integrates the same QWERTY goodness albeit being an add-on accessory only.


It’s a protective case/QWERTY keypad all rolled into one accessory which looks more plausible than the ELITE/Pro showcased earlier on in the week. Will this QWERTY accessory ever make it into production? One can only hope at the moment, but I’m pretty sure, if it does make it to the market and it’s as sleek as this one, it will definitely be a hit among QWERTY lovers.

[ Via PMPtoday]

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