By September 20, 2009

Review: I AM TPAIN for iPhone – the first Autotune app!

Here we are reviewing one of the most innovative, groundbreaking, apps that lately appeared in the iPhone app store. One warning though: don’t read it if you would like to keep your illusions about music industry!

Alright, so you decided to read it. You must realize one thing: many contemporary singers, even the most popular ones, are using pitch correction technologies, to make their voices more in tune with the melody. That is the reason why many singers, including Britney Spears, are not singing live but just moving their lips to the recordings. Much more people are using pitch-correcting aka auto-tune, than are admitting it.

On picture above you can see T-Pain – a hip-hop artist who is openly admitting that he is using auto-tune, which is not only a general term but also a proprietary technology and software made by Antares Audio Technologies.

Well known iPhone software development company – smule – in cooperation with Antares and T-Pain have released an app that brings autotune to iPhone (it is recommended to attach speakers) and iPod touch (headset needed!):


I AM TPAIN app for iPhone bundles some music pieces of T-PAIN and karaoke like lyrics appearing on the screen so that you can autotune your voice to give music pieces. Basically you can record, stop recording and save recordings:


Songs are not bundled in the app but are being downloaded over Internet:


Some songs are free and some songs you can buy with in-app-purchase technology:


Here are some settings of the auto-tune operation:


Here is how karaoke-like mode looks like (when you are “singing” for the underlying music):


During playback of the song, there are some sharing options:


… but we are missing ability to download recordings over WiFi from built-in web server (as some other apps are offering).

If you like, you can also register for updates:


… and even push notifications are available in this app:



Note: picture of T-Pain artist above comes from Wikipedia.

Conclusions: to get best results you have to actually sing, or try to sing, regular saying words is not enough to get good autotune. If you are into singing, or think that you have any singing talent, you should try this app! It is not that this app will make huge artist out of you, but technology is progressing and who knows. Britney Spears did it, so why can’t you?

Get it here:

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