By May 22, 2008

HTC TyTN II – more issues?

I’m sure that most people are now aware of the complaints generally made about a few HTC devices and their apparent lack of video drivers and related performance issues. (If this is new to you then you might want to read our posts about HTCClassAction.)

Now I’ve had my HTC TyTN II since August 2007 and consider myself to be a pretty heavy user (I use the phone heavily, I’m not over weight!) but for the most part I’m unafected by the problems that many other people report, on the rare occasion that I watch video on the TyTN II it plays ok and for the business apps I use, email mainly, I have no problems.

Well, that’s true until recently. For the past few weeks I’ve noticed problems with the hardware keyboard. When I am typing a chunk of text the letters appear in the wrong sequence on screen. Now before you all call my typing in to question I’d like to point out that I thought I was making a lot of typos too to begin with but then the problem seemed to get worse. So after a little more testing I discovered that some key presses appear on screen quicker than others so, for example, when I type a line of text I might see ‘Hih owa rey ou?’ where other letters are taking priority over the space key. Closer scrutiny reveals that pressing the space and then a letter results in letter then space on the screen!

At first I thought this was a problem with the keyboard itself but later discovered that sometimes it would be ok but at other times it would be much worse. It seems ok straight after a soft reset but gets worse over time. Even a hard reset seems not to cure the problem!

So I thought I would ask all of you out there if you have the same or similar issues? Please share with the rest of us!

I’m really hoping that the official TyTN II ROM update will solve the problems!

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