By September 6, 2009

HTC Touch HD 2 – Android rumour


It appears that HTC has decided to venture down a new road and offer up the Android platform on one of their existing lines already. What are we talking about in particular? Well, the latest buzz on the internet is that HTC is working on a follow up to their Touch HD phone, aptly named the Touch HD 2, and will have Android as its OS replacing Windows Mobile. Aside from that, it will also get an added boost in speed with a faster Qualcomm 628MHz processor now onboard. So far, so good, but unfortunately, that’s all we have for now. We still haven’t got a clue as to what its other specs are, when it’ll be released and how much it’ll cost.

Anyway, as it most likely is still in the early development stages, why don’t we help them out and chip in our suggestions. What do you guys thinks should the upcoming HTC Touch HD 2 come with?

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