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HTC press conference video

HTC-press So you have probably seen our video coverage of the new device from HTC, the Legend, Desire and HD mini that we’re announced at MWC this week. Now that James has returned from Barcelona we can start to upload some more of the video content that James recorded while he was there.

So lets start more or less at the beginning with the press conference from HTC. This is virtually the full press conference as recorded by James. It’s a pretty long video, around 20 minutes, so probably worth making yourself comfortable before you start watching.

Don’t forget to also have a look at our video demo of the HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC HD mini also recorded at MWC. We still have more MWC coverage to upload and we’ll be doing so over the next couple of days.

Video after the break.


HTC press conference video


From James:

This HTC press conference was definitely the one thing I was looking forward to most about MWC.

To be honest with you, both Matt and myself knew what was being announced and had even used all three handsets the week before, but it was still exciting.

Prior to the event we were sworn to secrecy so we were unable to announce the new devices but this is quite common.

Even if you have not seen the press conference video yet I am sure you will be aware that HTC revealed the HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC HD Mini.

Personally I am looking forward to all three devices and there was certainly a feeling of excitement at the press release not only from the media but also HTC too. They are extremely proud of the new devices and rightly so.

A few new features were also announced, giving HTC’s ‘Sense’ UI a new lease of life. ‘Leap’ is the new Android feature which will allow users to pinch the home screen, therefore revealing all seven home screens on one page. You can then tap the one you want to jump to eliminating having to scroll left or right. A great advancement as I couldn’t stand scrolling on the Hero!

Another improvement to ‘Sense’ is the integration of social networking in the new ‘Friends Stream’. This is a great tool and probably the one feature that I think is most impressive in the new ‘Sense’.

Overall HTC provided a great press conference and I’m sure that everyone in the room was both pleased with the announcements and also gagging to get their hands on the devices. I would also like to say thanks to HTC and to their PR agency who did a fantastic job of organising the event and making me feel most welcome.


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