By September 2, 2009

Geared for iPhone – review

So, whazzup at app store recently? Well, despite digging through all the latest new app releases, we couldn’t find anything newsworthy, so instead we have taken a look at charts, i.e. which app is the number one, the top selling, paid app in app store these days:

… and it is “Geared” app for iPhone and iPod touch, that is number one paid app both in iTunes USA and iTunes UK!

What’s that? Well, it’s a puzzle game, where you move gears, quite fluently and without snapping to the grid, in order to put all the gears at given level into motion:

The truth is that we have extremely high IQ, so solving the levels was going smoothly, like this:

… and this:

… but since we are cheap skates we tried the free version, that ends after fifth element, er, fifth level:

Yes, only 5 levels in free version but much more in commercial one:

This app was created by Bryan Mitchel from USA:

… and it looks like he created 4 others apps before he has hit the jackpot with Geared app.

Funny thing is that you can put gears into position that movement is blocked:

Conclusion: the free version is worth trying and if you like it, we recommend buying this nice game. This game proves that not stunning graphics but good idea that is well, smoothly, implemented counts more. Of course one could give more realistic view to the gears but it wouldn’t change the logic of the game. Let it be lesson to all those developers who release primitive apps that have very polished details but stupid or boring game play.

Get it here (price: one buck):

Get it here (price: free – the limited version for cheap skates):

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