By August 23, 2009

First Month In Europe, Samsung Sells 100,000 Galaxies


We’ve been wondering about the Samsung Galaxy… with most of its availability in regions with foreign tongues, English reporting on the device has been minimal. Luckily the guys at AndroidPub dropped me a tip to keep me updated – Korean website reports (translated to English) that Samsung sold 100,000 Samsung Galaxies in its first month in Europe.


Although 100,000 doesn’t seem like a huge number of units, the article claims that the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and HTC Hero only sold a combined 80,000 units over that same time period in Europe. Really? These figures seem incredibly low to me. Knowing that Samsung is a South Korean company, theh Korean nationality is extremely proud and the reporting publication is Korean, I thought maybe the anlysis was bias or withholding an important detail. But by all accounts Hankooki looks like a legit website/entity.

This provokes several questions:

  • How many TOTAL units of the Galaxy has Samsung sold?
  • How many TOTAL units of the Dream/Magic/Hero has HTC sold?
  • What is the continental/country breakdown of the above statistics?
  • What were/are the expected unit sales volumes for each phone? Which models met and exceeded their goals?

I would absolutely LOVE to see the answers to the above questions – when the work week starts I’ll reach out to HTC and Samsung and see if we can get some kind of response.

Even with these numbers seeming rather low, the math adds up well for Android.

  • 4 devices sell combined 180,000 units in Europe only
  • That’s about 45k units/month for each device in EUROPE only
  • Using that as a loose and unscientific average for future Android devices, and recognizing population and economic implications, suppose North America and Asia each achieve 45k units/month for each Android Phone on the market
  • By the end of the year, it is estimated that there will be 15-20 Android devices on the market
  • (20 devices) X (45k units/month) X (3 continents) =
  • 2.7 Million

I realize this is incredibly unscientific. But the CONCEPT is sound – more Android devices on the market means more Android units sold. As devices age their volume will shrink and I also understand that Android models launched in the same continent will cannibalize sales, but we’re using a very basic formula with numbers that are probably totally unrealistic.

In fact, the numbers are probably much, much higher and if 2.7+ Million Android units are flying off the shelves each month by the end of the year, I’d say Android had a good 2009 and would be headed towards an epic 2010.

Hopefully we can get some information on the European Samsung/HTC Android figures to give this story a little more credibility/depth. Stay tuned.

[Source Phandroid]

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