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Extended batteries from Mugen Power


With Smartphones becoming more and more advanced we are still let down by one piece of technology and that is batteries. Some devices are better than others but getting through a full day seems to be an issue with some handsets with Android being the most problematic these days.

There is a solution though and that is purchasing an extended battery. The guys at Mugen Power were kind enough to send me over a couple of batteries to put through there paces.

First off was a battery for the HTC Incredible S. Mugen offer two different batteries for the Incredible S. First is a 3600mAp battery which comes with a new battery cover as the battery is clearly bigger than the stock one. The second, and the one I had , was the 1800 mAp extended battery which has the same dimensions as the stock battery and therefore does not require a new battery cover. The stock battery that comes with the HTC Incredible S is 1450 mAh so if you are struggling to get through the day it may be a good option to get this one as it will give you an extra 350 mAp but without any extra bulk.



The second battery I used from Mugen was for the BlackBerry Bold 9700/9780 and this was a big beast. Giving 3600 mAp this one did come with a new battery cover and you can see why below.


If you are a user of the BlackBerry Bold you will know that battery life is pretty fantastic already and you have to give the BlackBerry some serious usage to make it not last a full day. So where do I see this particular battery coming in handy? When travelling is where I think it will be most useful. Due to its size I am not sure if I would want to use it every day as it is quite bulky but when going on holiday or on a business trip it may well be a life saver. I recently took a trip over to Northern Ireland for a couple of days so I decided to use the extended battery in my BlackBerry.

As i expected I didn’t need to charge my BlackBerry and I actually made it though three days before switching back to my normal battery.

So if you don’t mind the bit of extra bulk on your phone you can really increase the time that your Smartphone will last on a single charge.

Mugen Power have batteries for dozens of Smartphones and also sell other accessories such as car cradles and protective cases/holders. Why not pop over to their site and have a look if they have a solution for you.

Mugen Website


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