By May 11, 2012

EU roaming charges set to fall from July


It’s about time this was addressed as us mobile users get ripped off if we travel overseas.  From July 2012 European Union roaming prices are set to be capped thanks to a parliament vote.

After July 1st operators will only be able to charge 29 euro cents (24p) a minute to make a call, 8 cents (7p) a minute to receive a call, 9 cents (8p) to send a SMS message and 70 cents a megabyte (58p) for data usage.

The long term plan is for EU roaming prices to stay the same as domestic which would save many of us a small fortune. The EU also plans to allow consumers to pick a separate operator for roaming without changing SIM cards from 2014.

EU rapporteur and MEP Angelika Niebler said: “Parliament has succeeded in its call for cheaper roaming prices for consumers, and in particular for data roaming.

“In addition, from July 2014, consumers will be able to choose an operator other than their national operator for roaming services. The new rules will also help to open up the market to new entrants and so increase competition.”

Great news all round.


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