By August 3, 2009

Elan Digital Systems Mobidapter review

The Mobidapter from Elan Digital systems is an intriguing device. It is a portable mobile adapter allowing the transfer of files between a USB data stick and any mobile phone with an external micro SD slot without the need of a computer.


Looks wise the Mobidapter is not likely to be on its way to winning any style and design awards however this certainly does not affect it’s performance in any way. The device could not be easier to use connection is quick and easy and achieved in just two steps;

1. Insert USB Pen
2. Insert Mobidapter

Once this has been completed simply browse the files using your phones file manager and copy the items you require from the USB stick to phone or of course the reverse. One of the first things I thought when I saw the Mobidapter was when would I use it? Well after spending a little white with the device it soon became clear whether it be transferring pictures, music, documents or just simply backing up and storing files you may have on your mobile phone which you wish to back up on a USB stick without the hassle of connecting it to a PC. One of the things that I also felt the Mobidapter would be great for is in theory adding additional memory to your phone, what I mean by this while on out and about taking pictures can now consume a fairly large amount of memory which can be a problem particularly for phones capable of taking high Quality images as it restricts the number of photos the micro SD card can hold however with the Mobidapter simply connect it up to your 4GB memory stick for example and in seconds you have added 4GB to your phones’ memory.

So for every positive there tends to be a negative and the Mobidapter is not faultless. It is fairly costly coming in at around £35 and another problem I faced was the obvious need for an external micro SD slot, many new devices especially Samsung, in their quest to reduce clutter on the exterior of the device, are now housing the SD card alongside the SIM underneath the batter which obviously renders the Mobidapter helpless to operate on these phones.

The only other drawback I can see is that if you plan to use your mobile to copy files between USB memory and a microSD card for example you’ll first have to copy those files on to the phone itself. No big deal I hear you say but consider that the internal memory on many mobile devices will be limited to around the 128MB mark you wont be able to copy the entire contents of even a modest 1GB USB key in one go.

However that said there are still plenty of phones out there with external Micros SD slots and still many people finding transfer just that little bit to tedious especially when you consider the constant need for a PC to make the simplest of transfers, the Mobidapter is one of those simple devices which solves a simple problem it offers peace of mind through the ability to back up files stored on your phone as well as offering simple, easy and effective mobile data transfer on the go.


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