By October 29, 2012

EE customers will still rely on 3G for voice calls

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According to mobilenewscwp, EE has not yet added VoLTE (voice over LTE) to its new 4G service meaning customers will still be reliant on a 3G connection and it will only be data that utilizes the new 4G technology.
While technically speaking I can’t see why this would make a difference to voice calls anyway, where it may have an affect is with the smartphone switching from 3G to 4G as this will deplete your battery life to a certain extent. Although I use a BlackBerry as my main device I always have it connected to 3G only instead of 2G & 3G for this very reason. I’m sure the difference isn’t huge but with smartphones getting bigger and more juice hungry each year every little battery saving tip helps in my opinion.

EE chief sales officer Marc Allera told Mobile News: “I can tell you we are not carrying voice over 4G to start with, it’s data only.”
“We are not talking about time scales on that yet. At the moment we are focusing on delivering this brand launch and getting as many people as possible using data over 4G.
“Then we will look at the voice aspects when we are ready,” Allera said.


Source: mobilenewscwp

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