By August 9, 2009

Chinese Compass – feng shui – for iPhone released

It’s times like this when we think, that it is time to dump our iPhone 3G down the toilet and time to get 3GS! This app, released just yesterday (yeah! we are tracking all new releases daily), works only in iPhone 3GS.

Soon sales of iPhone will start in China so we will see more and more China-specific apps and this is one of them.

feng shui is a practice invented in China that requires accurate compass and that, shortly speaking, makes it possible to maximize positive energy by arranging objects, architecture, etc in optimal way.

Here is how this app looks like:

As you can see above, apart from Chinese Compass for feng shui, it includes also a leveling tool.

While this app looks like a very simple app, the feng shui is not that simple. It is a practice that was practiced already 6 thousand years ago in China and rules of feng shui are being applied also today in China and all over the world were people of Chinese ancestry are living. However even if you are not Chinese, you might find feng shui useful.

Get it here (price: $0.99):

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