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BlackBerry is the number one Smartphone brand in the UK!


According to market research experts GfK, BlackBerry was the UK’s number one Smartphone Brand in 2010. To be honest I am not really surprised. Although Android and iOS are still growing I see more and more youngsters carrying a BlackBerry these days. And you cant really blame them. With a BlackBerry data plan only costing £5 per month and devices coming in at under £150 it is perfect for them as well as us older business users.

Here are the facts provided to us direct from RIM:

  • BlackBerry had the top-selling smartphone handset in the market in December 2010. GfK estimate half a million Blackberry devices were sold during the busy Christmas month
  • BlackBerry was the UK’s #1 smartphone brand in 2010
  • BlackBerry captured a record high of 36% share of the smartphone market in December 2010
  • BlackBerry was the #1 pre-pay smartphone brand in December 2010 with 51.1% market share
  • BlackBerry was the #1 brand for contract/sim free in December 2010 with 23.3% market share
  • BlackBerry accounted for over 14.9% of the total mobile handset market in December 2010

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Stephen Bates, Managing Director UK, Research In Motion:

"December was a record month for us – with around 11 BlackBerrys sold every minute. The strength of sales in 2010 confirms BlackBerry’s leadership position in the UK smartphone market. This is highlighted in particular by our growth in the burgeoning pre-paid market. BlackBerry smartphones are now the number-one prepaid smartphones in the UK and we achieved the position of UK number one smartphone brand in 2010. Our consumers are attracted by applications such as BlackBerry Messenger, which experienced a 500 per cent increase in usage last year with currently 33 million users to date worldwide.

"Looking ahead to 2011, the forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook exemplifies how we are continually striving to anticipate and meet the needs of our ever-expanding customer base with highly innovative products."


BlackBerry 9800 Torch

BlackBerry Data:

  • BlackBerry Messenger experienced a 500 per cent increase in usage last year and currently has over 33 million users worldwide. 
  • BlackBerry is #1 smartphone for Twitter – 6 Million downloads to date. BlackBerry is #1 for engagement on FaceBook
  • BlackBerry App World continues to evolve, with over 16,000 applications available worldwide to download (60 per cent growth since Q2)
  • An average of over 2 million apps are being downloaded every day. We have an active developer community of 300, 000 registered application developers
  • In our last earnings announcement, Q3 FY11 we announced that we have more than 55 million BlackBerry subscribers
    • RIM has sold over 129 million BlackBerry smartphones worldwide
    • We have over 580 carriers and distribution partners offering BlackBerry products and services in over 175 countries worldwide



BlackBerry Bold 9700


8520 gemini_angled_left_2

BlackBerry Curve 8520


Lets hope 2011 is as good for RIM as 2010 was.

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