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Rumour: Samsung i8910 to go all out to beat iPhone

It pretty much seems that Samsung are doing all in their power these days to beat of not match the iPhone. The South Korean mobile phone manufacturer is now reportedly readying a new iPhone rival which would be a bit better than the Omnia and may be the first non-Nokia phone to use the Symbian S60 5th edition for touchscreen handsets.

Samsung i8910 
Samsung i8910 (Acme)

According to reports, the Samsung phone will be named as either the i8910 or Acme. So far all we can tell you is that it will have a very thin form factor, a powerful eight megapixel camera capable of HD video recording, and support for HDMI video output.

Like the iPhone, the Samsung phone will be released in two variants, an 8GB and a 16GB version with WIFI and GPS.

Will it beat or damage iPhone sales? I very much doubt it as the Apple brand is far too strong and with nearly all of the iPhone users have and i something else there will be very little any other company can do to touch them.

As soon as we here more we will post the info.

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Virgin Mobile USA Release Previously Unknown Kyocera X-tc

Virgin USA have placed the new Kyocera X-TC $100.00 handset on their website and if you are like me then you are probably thinking, what is it? The short answer is "I Don’t really know". All I can tell you about this handset is that it is previously unheard of and that it will feature a QWERTY slide.

kyocer x-tc
Kyocera X-TC

Other than the fact that its a QWERTY slider here is what I know.


  • 240×320 QVGA display
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • Web browser
  • Built-in media player with dedicated control keys
  • microSD slot for sideloading music track

The X-TC also includes MySpace and Facebook applications preloaded for social networkers.

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LG Arena KM900 Appears

LG look to have another phone hiding in a warehouse in the back of beyond named the LG Arena KM900. This soon to be launched phone has a large touchscreen believed to be 240 x 400 resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 5-megapixel camera with the ability to record HD video.


It also has an integrated GPS and an app for navigation, together with LG’s new “innovative S-Class 3D” GUI that looks more than a little iPhone-esque.

Like most of my recent posts this one has slipped by so fast that we weren’t able to grab any other specification details than those listed above but as soon as we have them you will be first to know.

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Samsung Memoir Launching on T-Mobile USA

Samsung and T-Mobile are set to introduce a touch-screen phone equipped with an 8-megapixel camera into the US market. Called the Memoir, the phone is apparently a US version of the Pixon handset announced for Europe and Asia last year and will sport a Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom, in-built GPS and a virtual full-QWERTY keypad.

Samsung Memoir 2
Samsung Memoir

Samsung Mobile And T-Mobile USA Introduce Best-in-Class 8-Megapixel Camera Phone

Samsung Memoir™ Captures and Shares High-Quality Images With Advanced Features and Touch Screen

DALLAS & BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) and T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announced the upcoming availability of the Samsung Memoir™, a full touch-screen mobile phone equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and premium multimedia features, placing it among the highest quality imaging phones available in the U.S.

The Memoir, available exclusively from T-Mobile, is designed to look and feel like a customer’s current point-and-shoot digital camera. The built-in 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom and five shooting modes empower customers to capture exceptional photos and videos from their phone — whether they’re on the go, on a vacation or just hanging out around the house.

The touch-screen phone, enabled by Samsung’s TouchWiz™ user interface and powered by T-Mobile’s high-speed 3G network, makes sharing photos easy. Samsung’s new photo widget allows customers to post images taken with the Memoir directly to their favourite online photo sharing source, such as flickr®, Kodak® Gallery, Photobucket and Snapfish.

“With the 8-megapixel Samsung Memoir, T-Mobile customers can capture and share little slices of life in all their vibrant brilliance,” said Denny Marie Post, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “With the ability to share photos at your fingertips, the Memoir helps make those connections more meaningful by their immediacy.”

The Memoir’s full-touch virtual QWERTY keypad and multiple messaging capabilities, including text, multimedia messaging, instant messaging and e-mail, make staying connected quick and easy while on the go. The Memoir is complete with a music and video player and built-in Assisted GPS navigation, which allows customers to utilize location-based services including turn-by-turn directions. For hands-free use, the Memoir features stereo Bluetooth® technology, speakerphone and voice-activated dialling.

“This is the camera phone that will make people want to leave their digital camera at home,” said Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile. “When you combine the Memoir’s imaging capabilities, customisable menus and music player, not only is it a great phone, but the entertainment possibilities are unlimited.”

T-Mobile’s 3G coverage available in select markets. Samsung Memoir also works on T-Mobile’s 2G network. See coverage maps at

Model number: SGH-t929

If you think it looks more like a camera than a phone, you’re right, and it was designed that way according to the Samsung release:

"The Memoir, available exclusively from T-Mobile, is designed to look and feel like a customer’s current point-and-shoot digital camera. The built-in 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom and five shooting modes empower customers to capture exceptional photos and videos from their phone."

Samsung Memoir 2
Samsung Memoir

As a phone, the Memoir will feature text, multimedia messaging, instant messaging and e-mail along with a music and video player and assisted GPS navigation. There’s also stereo Bluetooth, speakerphone and voice-activated dialling functionality for hands-free operation.

If the specs match those released for the Pixon, video will be shot 30 fps (720 x 480) and slow motion playback may also be on the cards.

Samsung Memoir 3
Samsung Memoir

The Memoir (model number SGH-T929) will be available exclusively from T-Mobile and run on the company’s high-speed 3G network (though it will also work on 2G). No official pricing or release dates have surfaced at this stage.

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By January 8, 2009 Read More → – i mate Ultimate 6150

Danny from just dropped me an e-mail to advise that they have 1 remaining i-mate Ultimate 6150 which is within their B Grade stock however it is actually a Brand New unit with minor damage to the packaging so if you wanna get your hands on a Windows Mobile handset at a fraction of it’s original price then why not head over there now whilst it’s still in stock.

B-Grade Stock

This product has been classed as ‘B-Grade’ and is not new. The product has been tested and confirmed to be working. All B-Grade products are sold on a first-come first-served basis and normal distance selling regulations do not apply to second hand products such as this. You may only return it if it is not as described, or if it simply does not work but you cannot return it if you do not like it.

The i-mate ULTIMATE 6150 utilises the latest in global mobile device technology. With a high quality large 2.8" VGA screen, 3.5G and Wi-Fi high speed connectivity.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6, the i-mate ULTIMATE 6150 is a quad-band device with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.

XGA Video Out allows you can connect to a digital projector, desktop screen, or TV and view your photos, emails, presentations and important documents in larger than life high definition.

Main Features

  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
  • Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100
  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • 2.8” VGA 65k colour LCD Touch Screen
  • 2.0 Megapixel digital camera
  • Video Out: XGA (1024×768)
  • Supports microSD expansion cards
  • Windows Media Player: Supports MP3/WMA/WMV/MP4
Box Contents
  • i-mate Ultimate 6150
  • AC adapter
  • USB Sync cable
  • Stereo headset with microphone
  • Protective Pouch
  • Audio and video output cable (HD15 VGA connector and 3.5mm audio connector)

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Rumour: Samsung S8300 Slips Past Us

It looks like Samsung are lining up a really nice cameraphone for us this year. Although not officially announced by Samsung the S8300 looks like it will fit straight into the 8MP camera phone market and hold it’s own.

Samsung S8300 1

At only 12.8mm thick, the Samsung S8300 has an absolutely massive widescreen OLED display, probably the largest one we’ve seen to date, and the fact that it’s a touchscreen, makes it that much sweeter.

Samsung S8300 3

The S8300 specs sheet is further pumped up by an 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, a GPS receiver, HSDPA and DivX video support.

Samsung S8300 4

Judging from the interface shots, the handset doesn’t seem to be a smartphone, but instead is running on the Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz feature phone interface, well known from the Samsung Pixon for example.

Among its other niceties are FM radio with RDS, Bluetooth 2.1, and a microSD card slot however, unfortunately, as it’s evident from the photos the 8 megapixel camera is not equipped with a xenon flash. There’s only LED instead that’s best used as video light. There’s no mention of Wi-Fi functionality either.

Samsung S8300 5 Samsung S8300 6

As you may guess, there is no official info about the device yet, however word is out that it should be available by March 2009.

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T-Mobile Dash Now Back in Black

A slightly revamped version of the T-Mobile Dash is now available. This includes a new look and an upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile.

The new Dash drops the black-and-silver casing of the original in exchange for one that is a very dark grey, but T-Mobile insists in actually black. Nothing else about the actual design of this model has changed.

Tmobile Dash
T-Mobile Dash

On the inside, this model sports Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, the most recent edition of Microsoft’s operating system for smartphones without touchscreens.

It is available now on T-Mobile’s website for $100 with a qualifying service contract and mail-in rebate.

The T-Mobile Dash isn’t a new model as it debuted over two years ago but it has been T-Mobile’s most popular Windows Mobile device, and a jump to the latest version of this operating system breathes new life into it.

It uses a popular design for smartphones a slim tablet shape with a QWERTY keyboard below the screen. This model includes a 320-by-240-pixel display that is in landscape mode by default.

The Dash is a quad-band GSM phone that has Wi-Fi b/g and Stereo Bluetooth, but does not support T-Mobile’s 3G network.

It also has a microSD memory card slot and a 1.3 MPx camera.

Like all Windows Mobile devices, it offers Push corporate email and a suite of productivity and entertainment software.

Overall, this model is 2.5 by 4.4 by 0.5 inches, and it weighs 4.2 ounces.

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LG announces dual SIM KS660 and 3G wristwatch GD910

LG have announced two new mobiles for the Asian and Eastern European markets which will come in the shape of the new touchscreen based LG KS660 which will support two SIM cards simultaneously (a first for LG) and the extravagant GD910 mobile phone which will take the shape of a wristwatch.

The LG KS660 is a dual-SIM phone supporting tri-band GSM connectivity. It has a 3-inch TFT touchscreen display with WQVGA resolution (400×240), 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording at 720×[email protected] Additional specs include 50MB internal storage, microSD expansion slot (up to 4GB), Bluetooth and USB capabilities. Unfortunately the phone lacks in 3G and Wi-Fi which could prove to be an awful mistake from the LG camp.

LG KS 660 1 LG KS 660 2 LG KS 660 3
LG KS660

The second mobile phone is LG GD910 and it comes in the unusual wristwatch form factor.

LG GD910
LG GD910

You may remember the wristwatch prototype by LG that was displayed at the MWC 2008. Well, they’ve made it real this time and it would be first showcased at the CES 2009 next month.

The LG GD910 is 13.9 mm thick and sports a 1.43-inch touch LCD screen. The main selling point of the device is 3G video calls thanks to the front-facing camera.

Behind the watch disguise you will also find HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity, voice dialling and speech recognition, text-to-speech feature and a music player.

Currently, we don’t have any information about pricing or availability of either device but we will do our upmost to bring you that information ASAP.

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Dualsim Glofiish DX900 Goes On Sale

We have reviewed a few GloFiish phones on our site over the past year and the latest one to come from the Eten camp is it’s Dual Sim DX900

eten glofiish dx900
Eten Glofiish DX300

Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 the Glofiish DX900 is "probably" the first Windows based device with a brand name to be released.

Eten Glofiish DX900 Specifications:

  • 2 SIM card slots – both working at the same time
  • VGA display (640×480 pixels)
  • GPS
  • Samsung S3C 6400 processor running at 533 MHz
  • 3G
  • microSDHC slot
  • G-sensor (tilt sensor aka accelerometer)
  • 3 megapixel camera with autofocus

Price wise you can expect to pay around £500 for this phone ($760 or 531 euro).

I’m not overly sure if Eten will send this one to use but if they do I for one would like to review it as I have to use 2 phone’s daily and getting rid of one would be a godsend.

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02 Germany Announce XDA Glide

O2 Germany announced their latest XDA handset yesterday named the XDA Glide. Looking very much like the very popular XDA Orbit 2 and modelled on what looks like the HTC Touch 3G which we be reviewing early next week, we believe that this is the new HTC Cruise 09 that we’ve been hearing about.

XDA Glide 01

The Windows Mobile 6.1 powered device comes with GPS, TomTom Navigator 7, Car Kit and a Mount holder which suggests (even to me) that this is primarily a SatNav phone just like the XDA Orbit 2.

XDA Glide 02 XDA Glide 03 XDA Glide 04 XDA Glide 05

Specifications wise we can expect it to have:

  • 528 Mhz Qualcomm MSM 7225 processor
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 MB Rom
  • MicroSD Slot
  • TouchFlo (2d we think)
  • 2.8 inch QVGA Screen
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • A2DP
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 browser

Among the most interesting features of the new O2 XDA Guide there is the footprint function and the dedicated footprint button. The footprint feature lets you send pictures taken with the built-in 3.2 megapixel snapper along with positioning data. On a compatible device, the pictures can be used for navigation and whoever received them will be able to navigate to the photographed location by a single click.

XDA Glide 06 XDA Glide 07

The O2 XDA Guide is about to start shipping by mid-February 2009, price tag still unknown.

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