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By September 20, 2005 Read More →

Back to the Moon by 2020

The US space agency Nasa has announced plans to return to the Moon by 2020.
Nasa administrator Dr Michael Griffin said four astronauts would be sent in a new space vehicle, in a project that would cost $104bn (£58bn).

“We will return to the Moon no later than 2020 and extend human presence across the Solar System and beyond,” Dr Griffin said on Monday.

Nasa sent several manned missions to the Moon between 1968 and 1972. A total of 12 men walked on the lunar surface.

Different modules could be launched separately into space then joined together for the journey to lunar orbit.

The new missions would use rocket technology already employed on the space shuttle to cut the costs of development.


(Source: BBC News)

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By September 13, 2005 Read More →

Recall of Slim PS2 adapters

Sony is recalling 3.5m faulty power adapters which were sold with the black PlayStation 2 slimline version between August and December 2004.
It said the power adapter could overheat, causing damage or injury.

The free-standing adapters were sold for the special slimline version of the successful games console. Sony had 40 complaints in the US about them.

Sony said it would replace returned adapters for free. Two-thirds of the affected consoles were sold in Europe.

About 960,000 of the units were sold in the US, 210,000 in Asia and 60,000 in Japan, according to Sony.

More than 50,000 slimline PlayStation 2s were sold in the UK during its first week on sale in November.


(Source: BBC News)

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By September 9, 2005 Read More →

Xbox 360 ‘Hack Proof’

Microsoft plans to make its next generation games console, the Xbox 360, as difficult as possible to hack.

The 360 will have security built directly into the hardware, said Xbox engineer Chris Satchell.

Fans have modified the first Xbox to turn it into a media centre, upgrade the hard drive or allow it to play imported games.

Modifying a console is illegal in the UK as it can be used to get around anti-piracy measures on the Xbox.

While I don’t condone piracy in any form, I think its a really bad idea for Microsoft to shout about the 360 and it being hack proof. That’s basically asking inviting any would-be hacker to give it a try!


(Source: BBC News)

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By September 8, 2005 Read More →

Shuttle grouded for a year?

In a recent Memo Nasa warns that there may not be any more shuttle missions for at least a year. This is because of the fuel tank problems and hurricane Katrina. Nasa’s Michoud facility is in New Orleans so has been affected by the recent hurricane as well as the on-going affects.


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By September 3, 2005 Read More →

Galaxy Pictures?

I was watching a program on TV this morning about astro physics. In one part they were talking about the size of our galaxy and went on to say ‘Here is a photograph of our galaxy’. Surely it cant be a photograph, it must be a digital impression of what we think it looks like?

How do scientist know what it looks like? Voyager 1 is the farthest man made object but she hasn’t left our galaxy has she?


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By August 29, 2005 Read More →

Nasa to build on the Moon

Nasa has turned the Hubble Space Telescope to point at the moon to begin lookig for a suitable site to build a ‘Moon Base’.

What Nasa is looking for are sites with a good supply of ilmenite, a mineral from which to extract oxygen, hydrogen and helium. As well as producing air and water, the flammable gases could be burned to generate electricity. Nasa scientists know to look for ilmenite, as it was found in soil samples brought back by the Apollo missions.

Nasa is looking to build a colony on the Moon as soon as 2018. I wonder if they will decide to build on my Lunar Plot? I wonder what rent I could charge!


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By August 27, 2005 Read More →

Worm writers captured

Two men, one in Morocco and one in Turkey, have been arrested over the unleashing of a computer worm that affected US firms earlier this month.
Moroccan authorities detained Farid Essebar, 18, while Atilla Ekici, 21, was arrested by Turkish authorities on Thursday, the FBI said.

They are believed to be responsible for the Zotob worm that targeted computers using Microsoft operating systems.

More than 100 firms were affected including CNN and The New York Times.

He said the two men would face prosecution in their native countries with FBI officials providing evidence.

See earlier post about Patching Windows


(Sources: BBC News/Yahoo News)

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By August 24, 2005 Read More →

End of Nasa ‘Test Mission’?

Discovery has been successfully de-mated from Nasa’s specially modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and has now been towed into the Orbiter Processing Facility bay 3 where the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello, still inside, will be removed from the payload bay and transferred to the Space Station Processing Facility.

What is interesting is that Nasa are now calling this latest mission a ‘Test Mission’. Previously it was called their ‘Return To Flight’ mission. Is this a damage limitation exercise?


(Image credit: NASA/KSC)

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By August 23, 2005 Read More →

Discovery De-mated

Discovery was demated from the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft early Monday morning at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Discovery was towed late Monday afternoon to the nearby Orbiter Processing Facility, where it will be readied for mission STS-121.


(Image credit: NASA/KSC)

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By August 21, 2005 Read More →

Discovery home safe and sound!

Within the last few minutes the Space Shuttle Discovery touched down safely at Kenedy Space Center in Florida.


(Image credit: NASA/KSC)

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