By December 4, 2013

Applebee’s to have tablets on the tables

applebeesSome one must be listening to our podcast and has taken a shine to the Tablet Table. Applebee’s have announced plans to install a tablet at every table in its 1,860 restaurants across the United States. Customers will be able to use the devices to order food, pay the bill, and entertain their children with games.

Recently, Amazon announced some flying barbecues to switch up their work force and Applebee’s look to be doing something similar. Eliminating the need to have a friendly server swishing around the tables collecting orders we will probably see the human touch reduced to shovelling plates from the kitchen and dealing with complaints when less technical patrons realise they have possibly pressed the wrong button.

Chili’s have also announced the idea in the last few months, even going as far to say the tablets will pay for themselves by bringing in extra revenue from impulse orders and at-the-table gaming.  Extra management will be probably be required for billing queries.

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