By December 9, 2009

Apple tablet landed in Germany + upstream UStream approved

What is the difference between daily tabloid newspapers in Germany and UK? Well, the main difference lies in the fact that German tabloids publish naked ladies on the front page and British ones on 3rd page. There is one more difference though: German tabloids are available on Apple tablet too:


Really? Well, not quite: this “apple tablet” in reality is iPhone or iPod touch! What does it mean? It means that without waiting for the Apple tablet, publishers are releasing print publications in version for iPhone. Apart from various goodies, readers get one notable advantage over paper publication: readers can see tomorrow’s newspaper today evening!

Obviously it is rumoured that Apple will release apple tablet (to be called “iTablet”, “MacTablet”, “iPad”, whatever comes to mind to Steve Jobs) early next year. Apart from movie playback from iTunes, it is rumoured that Apple will introduce subscription services to newspapers, so indeed people will not have to buy paper press anymore.

However why wait till next year if you can achieve similar effect already now? Clearly German publisher decided to publish German’s number one tabloid – Bild – in iPhone form without waiting for the Apple tablet.

Of course it is rumored that apple tablet will have new media features similar to iTunes extras but having an iPhone app has even more possibilities: unlimited.

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In other story UStream – the version for live streaming of video from your iPhone to the Internet, both over WiFi and 3G, has been approved by Apple! Many people were jailbreaking their iPhones to get video upstreaming but now it is no longer needed…

Get it here (UStream with upstream video):

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Apart from iPhone, you might be interested also in Windows Mobile phones!

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