By December 6, 2013

Anti-Patent-Troll bill passed

url4It looks as if we will hopefully see an end to these over-long and costly patent wars between the big companies. For years we have been hearing about Apple suing Saumsung, Samsung suing Apple, Apple suing HTC, HTC suing Nokia, Nokia suing Apple etc… I’m sure you get the idea.

A recent bill passed through the “House,” or “Crib” as the Representatives residing there might call it, outlines a Patent trolling lawsuits. This initially seems like a good idea, however it might not protect the average Joe inventor who needs the system to help protect their discovery. If you legitimately make an awesome discovery, your right to profit from it.

The real problem is that the patent office is totally incompetent and will give you a patent for obvious “inventions” if you dress it up nicely enough. Not just for practice uses, but for business method patents. That’s what gives these trolls the ammunition to shake down legitimate businesses.

Source: Arstechnica

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