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Angry Gran Toss Review

Angry Gran Toss ReviewA rather bizarrely named app, this pretty much hits the nail on the head! I could describe this app in one word; Music.

Angry Gran Toss has literally THE most addictive music in the world. After you’ve played the app this app’s soundtrack will stick with you for the rest of your day, and to be honest, the rest of the week. It’s a strange relationship I found myself having with the music; hating it and yet loving it simultaneously. It’s so frustrating that you want to turn it off and yet it makes the game so much more appealing with it on.

Ok, so we’ve established the music on this game is an experience you must have first-hand. But what about the rest? In this review, we will talk about the graphics, the gameplay and the price.



clip_image004The graphics are consistent with the tongue-in-cheek vibes that the app chucks out in bucket loads. The characters are all cartoon-based, with changing backgrounds as you fire Gran further and further afield!

It is so common for mobile app games to feature soft graphics, which almost entirely are cartoon based, to make the game feel less intimidating and serious. It allows for casual gamers to just pick up the game and enjoy it rather than having to get stuck into the game to start to get any enjoyment from it.

The character animations are also comical and over exaggerated, for example when Angry Gran hits a walking pedestrian, falls in a skip or hits a mid-air obstacle!


Angry Gran Toss Gameplay

So, the gameplay. What is this game about? Well, basically you have an Angry Gran. And you’re aim is to catapult that Angry Gran as far as you can. As Gran travels through the air and gets further away, the background changes to different environments. So you start off in the city, you go to the suburbs and then into the countryside. There are probably more after that, but these are for you to discover!

clip_image006You get given a cannon to start with, in which you need to angle the cannon to get the best firing distance along with getting the power bar at the optimum launch power (which goes up and down quickly so you have to time it right). As Gran flies through the air, there are obstacles which will either hinder or help her progress, and you are equipped with a gun (which in the game feels normal, but now I’m writing this it’s a pretty macabre concept) with which you shoot Gran when she gets too close to the ground to keep her in the air and travelling for longer distances.

You get given a set amount of ammo to do this, and there are mid-air bullet stashes that if Gran hits you get your ammo replenished. These are hard to come by though and I’ve yet to find any skill related way of hitting them.

Other mid-air obstacles such as blimps can propel you further, but others will send you crashing to the ground even quicker.

There are more obstacles on the ground, which can either help or hinder you when you fall. There are skips, which stop Gran dead when she falls in them. Or there are water pipes that when you hit, Gran gets thrown into the air and travels further. You also get more points for causing damage to the telephone boxes and pedestrians.

There is a built-in shop, in which you can purchase upgraded cannons, upgraded guns, perks such as a DaVinci flying machine (that allows Gran to fly further) along with loads of other perks and upgrades that will aid you in getting as far as possible.



The app is free. However, you are able to make in-app purchases to upgrade your weapons, cannons and perks quicker than doing it naturally. These vary in price depending on how many coins you buy, but are in line with normal in-app purchase levels. Of £0.99+.

Due to it being a free app, it does feature advertisements. These are only seen on the menu’s and not whilst mid-game. These are quite intrusive adverts and do take up quite a lot of the screen real estate.



Overall, this is a highly entertaining game. The music and the light-hearted vibes make the game (and the concept) highly comical and it’s a game that is perfect for just picking up on the go for a quick game, but you can also easily get sucked into a longer session on it!

This app is by Ace Viral, and they have a whole host of other similar apps. For example, Words with Angry Gran, Angry Gran Radioactive Run and Angry Gran Run!

This review was written by Greg Mosley, editor of GTM Mobiles Reviews. Check out his Smartphone blog for Android Game Reviews.

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