By October 30, 2009

Android building up steam

The last few weeks have seen a slurry of new Android devices being announced or actually released, some on this side of the pond, others in the USA, after what can definitely be called a slow start, Android is now marching full steam ahead.

Windows Mobile is in a state of flux, you can’t argue with that statement, it’s now so far behind I wonder if it can ever catch up, we will see when Windows Mobile 7 eventually hits devices sometime next year if Microsoft have really given it the time and effort it so craves, I have my doubts, hell Steve Ballmer didn’t even know what phone model he was using on the Engadget Show interview last week, that says it all for me.

Is Android on the right track to hit the top?, for me it appears that it is following a very similar route to Windows Mobile, lots of devices, lots of different form factors and lots of different software versions.

Not all devices are getting the latest software updates, not all devices are Google branded, if they run customised UI’s like the HTC Hero they are not classed as Google phones, it is all heading into messy land, can it be managed well, I seriously doubt it however Gartner seem to think so as they predict Android will overtake Apple and be second only to Symbian by 2012.

Where does this leave little old Palm, not a big brand like Apple, Microsoft or Google, it does not look good. What’s your thoughts?

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