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Shuttle bids farewell to ISS

| August 6, 2005 |

The crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery have packed their bags and left the ISS to begin the long journey back home. After saying goodbye to the station’s two residents, the crew closed the hatches and sealed the shuttle before slowly separating early on Saturday. Having undocked with the ISS, the shuttle will fly around […]

Is broadcasting terrorist video a good idea?

| August 5, 2005 |

I blogged about the latest al-Qaeda video earlier this week on our blog where Osama Bin Laden’s lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri was ranting about the reasons for the recent London Bombings being entirely Tony Blair’s fault, blaming his foreign policy. I understand and accept that these sorts of video announcements are news worthy and that we […]

No more Space Shuttle Discovery repairs

No more Space Shuttle Discovery repairs

| August 5, 2005 |

Following a series of wind tunnel tests and engineers reviews, Nasa has decided a further spacewalk to repair a torn thermal blanket on the shuttle Discovery is not necessary. The US space agency told the seven crew members the shuttle would be safe for re-entry, due on Monday, despite the torn blanket below the cockpit […]

More shuttle fears?

| August 3, 2005 |

There are fresh fears that there could be further problems with the Space Shuttle Discovery. Apparantly there is some concern about a thermal blanket below the cockpit. Experts believe that this may have been damaged during lift off when the orbiter stuck a bird. It is feared that the thermal blanket could tear off during […]

Shuttle repair successful

| August 3, 2005 |

Shuttle astronaut Stephen Robinson has successfully removed two ceramic strips protruding from the heatshield on the Discovery orbiter’s underside. The astronaut rode the robotic arm from the ISS in order to reach the underside of the shuttle and was able to remove the strips with his finger. Nasa was concerned the strips could have caused […]

A blog every second!

| August 2, 2005 |

The blog community is continuing to grow at an exceptional rate. According to blog trackers Technorati one new blog site is created every second! The current number of blogs tracked by Technorati is 14.2m blogs, up from 7.8m in March. It suggests, on average, the number of blogs is doubling every five months. Blogs, the […]

Shuttle to be repaired in space!

Shuttle to be repaired in space!

| August 2, 2005 |

Astronaut Stephen Robinson will make a space walk underneath the Shuttle Discovery to remove strips that are sticking out between heat shield tiles on Discovery’s belly. Nasa is concerned the dangling material – called gap fillers – could cause part of the shuttle to overheat as it re-enters the atmosphere. Nasa confirmed that debris did […]

Olympic Lottery Taxed?

| July 31, 2005 |

I work in London and consider myself to be a part-time Londoner. I was pleased when the Olympic comittee awarded the 2012 Olympic Games to London. I did wonder how London would finance such a major sporting event but my question was soon answered: The UK National Lottery Camelot who run the UK national lottery […]

Space Shuttles Grounded

| July 28, 2005 |

NASA has said it is grounding the space shuttle fleet as engineers investigate debris which fell from Discovery’s external fuel tank during launch. A spokesman for the US space agency said big chunks of foam broke off the tank after Tuesday’s lift-off but are not thought to have damaged the craft. The Columbia shuttle was […]

Courier companies: The weakest link?

| July 16, 2005 |

So we are well and truly in an age where everything and anything can be purchased online. I buy about 80% of items from the web. There’s better choice, more information and more competitive prices available online, not to mention the convenience of buying goods without leaving my seat. So what’s the problem? Well the […]