By March 13, 2011

9 new Android phones from Sony Ericsson this year?

Xperia PLAY_Black_screen2 Sony Ericsson have definitely been busy over the past few months. At MWC we saw 4 new devices announced, the XPERIA Play, XPERIA Arc, XPERIA Neo and XPERIA Pro.

According to several sources on the web and a few email tips that we’ve had, Sony Ericsson are planning a total of NINE new handsets for the US in 2011. It’s claimed that they will all be android powered too.

I’m sure that the XPERIA Play will be a roaring success, baring the Playstation name has to be a real boon and something that many are going to be talking about, a ‘true mobile gaming experience’. The Play is expected to be in the shops on the 31st March here in the UK (I personally think that’s a bit optimistic) so I’d expect the shipping date in the US to be pretty close to that too.

So what of the other 5 handsets coming up? We’ve no confirmation of the names or spec or even if they exist but we’ll certainly be digging for the others. When Gareth spoke with Sony Ericsson at MWC there was a vague suggestion that there were other things on the horizon but of course they didn’t reply to questions about that.

Let’s see what the next few months have in store!


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