By February 6, 2017

Playing with devolo Home Control Additional Units

Image36A follow-up to our previous unboxing of the Home Control Starter kit.

devolo have sent across some additional units to add to the experience. Here we look at:

dLAN® 650+ Powerline

Expand your existing dLAN® network with the dLAN® 650+ Powerline adapter. Connect network-compatible devices directly using the electrical socket and use transmission rates of up to 600 Mbps throughout the home.

devolo Home Control Humidity Sensor

Keep your home at the ideal temperature with devolo.

With a Humidity Sensor, you can continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of rooms and keep them within your ideal range. The devolo model also allows owners to provide a healthy room climate and contribute towards general wellbeing and mould prevention.

devolo Home Control Floodsensor

Ensure your home isn’t damaged by water with devolo.

With a Water Sensor, owners can make sure that no water damage goes undetected by receiving reliable updates and notifications to their devices.

devolo Home Control Motion Sensor

The devolo Home Control Motion Sensor gives you optimal protection in your own home. The wireless PIR Motion Sensor can be positioned discreetly at any desired location of your home and keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings at angles up to 90 degrees.

devolo Home Control Key-Fob Switch

The devolo Home Control Key-Fob is a smart home controller that ensures you have full control over your smart home at all times. The “smart home for your pocket” is always at hand to control heating, lighting and any additional function at the touch of a button.The smart home Key-Fob Switch is as easy to use as a car key. This way you have the ability to set all of your living areas, from the master bedroom to anywhere else, to night mode or to switch of the lights when leaving the home. Make your everyday life easier and control the selected devolo Home Control components with a touch of a button on your Key-Fob Switch.

devolo Home Control Room Thermostat

The devolo Home Control Room Thermostat provides a personalized comfortable temperature in all areas of your home. You can use the wireless Room Thermostat to choose the ideal temperature near your sofa or dining room table. When the devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat is used in this manner, it automatically compensates for the temperature differences that normally exist between your favourite spot and the radiator.

devolo Home Control Wall Switch

The Home Control Wall Switch makes your smart home more versatile than ever before! The Wall Switch offers you convenient operation of all devolo Home Control components that you have selected for your home. You decide for yourself whether you would like to control the heat from the master bedroom or if you would like to switch to energy saving mode with a push of a button when you leave your home. Whether as a simple light switch, as an operation for the home theatre system or for controlling various modes: Pressing a button on the devolo Home Control Wall Switch is all it takes to activate the desired scenario. Each switch can be programmed with up to four functions and can be installed hassle-free at any position in the home.

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