By January 10, 2010

5 new Apple products?

I just had an email tip from one of our readers. He works for a major UK retailer (John Lewis??) and apparently they have just added 5 new Apple products to their stock list. Each item is priced at £2000 but he goes on to say that this price is likely to come down a lot to hide item speculation and that it is common for new launch products to appear in their stock file so that they are able to start provisionally allocating stock, writing product info etc.

What could these new products be? We wonder if perhaps this maybe the Apple iSlate tablet being added to their stock list in time for its launch? Maybe it’ll come in 5 colours or perhaps 5 varying specifications?

Let the speculation begin! Comments anyone?

We’ll bring you more news as we get it. Thanks for the tip. If you have any tips for us please let us know via our contact page and don’t forget to include your name and email address and whether or not you want us to include your name.


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