By January 9, 2010

220 Palm Pre’s sold in Ireland

gsm_palm_pre-440x480 That little country to the South of my own tiny little land doesn’t really seem to be loving the Palm Pre too much. Whilst, it is a country that has been through recession and almost all have been hit in some way by it it appears Palm on one of the biggest casualties. Read on for the full article:

You know things aren’t going too well for Palm when a heavyweight industry source gives you a call to say ‘you’ll never believe this’.

I always have to steady myself just in case it’s something shocking. You know, like ‘Larry Page has just bought Vodafone — he reckons it’ll be quicker’.

Today, though, the call was about the Palm Pre’s performance in Ireland. It seems the Irish haven’t taken to the old Pre. My source reckons that a whopping 220 units have been sold since launch. Now, the launch date was October 16. So it’s been out for roughly 85 days or about 12 weeks. So on that basis, o2 Ireland have sold about 16 Palm Pre devices per week since launch. Or 2.3 Palm Pre units per day.

My source tells me that the Pre is equally as successful at o2 UK. Surely not? Can this be accurate? Does anyone know differently?

[Source Mobile Industry Review]

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